Top 10 Adorable Animals That Became Viral Sensations

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  1. "Do you agree with our picks? Do you agree with our picks? Do you agree with our picks?"…aaaahhh! DUDE shut the FUCK UP!!!!!! Every goddamn video…why?!?!?…and bitch, shut the fuck up at the beginning of every fucking video…I've subscribed already!! You two are so fucking annoying you ruin the fucking channel…go die…"honorable or in this case dishonorable mentions"…fuck you guys make me cringe with furious rage. Fuck. I just want to relax for five seconds and watch a video. Just shut the fuck up and narrate when necessary you stupid annoying Canadian fucks! Here's a top 10 list, "most god awful irritating voices on you tube" you assholes get #1 and try to come up with rest…I'm going to unsubscribe. I hate you fucking chunks of shit so bad…

  2. Harambe shouldn't be on here because he's only famous/viral for a tragedy, not because he was adorable or any such thing. Nyan Cat is also pushing it for this list because it's not a real animal. Yes it's based on one, but the creature itself is not.

  3. Ohmyfrigginword!! I was watching this on my TV but had to go out of my way to get on my computer just to comment and let Mojo know how friggin' annoying the narrator is! Stop talking so much and let me hear the damn video! This happens in every Mojo video. Why make me have to look up every video because you failed to play the audio over some inane yapping and cringey commentary? I'd say fine if the comments added any value or info, but they don't. Just shut up and let me hear!!

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