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Nasa papers on alleged polls rigging plot are fake – KDF – Viral Trends

Nasa papers on alleged polls rigging plot are fake – KDF

The military is tonight distancing itself from documents presented by the NASA coalition last Friday terming them as fake. CS Raychelle Omamo sat with KDF …


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Comments 25

  1. There is no time the gvt has accepted the truth .starting from NYS ,current
    states of our debt ,SGR ,Urobond as a fact J.J lost his life because of
    it and even up to now they say no money has been lost yet they cant
    show a single project done by this huge sum of money .

  2. They are playing tough game . Hehehehe . They have forced spokesman to into playing fouls with this narratives . How long does it take to confirm a documents is fake ? Hehehehe .

  3. Kenyans will agree that Isaac Ruto Kalonzo Wetangula- Mudavadi- ROA formation has  been  in leadership positions  in this country more than the UHURUTO's formation. The 1st formation are not just leaders who would  jointly make rake less  statements by their own nature and experience. One would not see them doing anything to ruin this nation. On the contrary, the other formation are immature, inexperienced and incompetent to the extent that they are the only two people who were accused   and released, al beit hesitantly with the likelihood of having thrown the country into turmoil some time back. Secondly, past records clearly show that the NASA formation  have always tried to be very factual while the Uhuruto formation are known to say a lot of goods things, majority of which are not true.
    On  the KDF, there is no amount of denial which will work. Two types of communication exist- verbal and body language. Looking at the Colonel's body language while listening to his replies, he actually evaded the issue without support the CS by  saying only  that  the matter about the authenticity of the KDF papers is in court and hence he could not comment on them. Quite contrary to the CS position who at the same time is talking on  the matter in the public and repeatedly with denial face. The truth of the matter is could be that no one has gone to court with those papers.  Said & done,  the Colonel is fine and alive. We thank God all the more.

  4. Raila Odinga is the root cause of election violence in Kenya. Always claiming election rigging and yielding unnecessary paranoia causing his supporters to commit acts of violence. I hate Uhuru but at least he is not constantly spewing bullshit and fake news.

  5. Kenyans should wake up.Kenya is the most dangerous country in Africa full of hypocrisy out of democracy.this colonel could have been found dead if Anyan'g nyon' did not raise the alarm.the same issue happened to an mca in kisumu was kidnapped by unknown person. later residents came out angry to demonstrate then he was found in a police custody with no reason why he was arrested.and that also was a game to kill that mca.

  6. It sucks to be employed by NTV, you will spew whatever is written on the screen, even when it is an incorrect statement. Colonel did not refute the assertions of the document. He is on record refuting the fact that he was not being held and was alive and well. You announcers like to edit the obvious truth. I however, understand, that you have to and need to keep your job, those bills have to be paid at some point.

  7. To understand this, you must not listen with your ears only, but use your eyes to listen too. try to read between the lines, the sigh, the non admittance by the colonel that these information were fake, to support the CS tells a big story. The CS is playing politics, the colonel is playing integrity. The sigh by the CS tells that she is about to lie, and she did it. I am disappointed by these leaders who will lie even if they are going to die. The Colonel has earned my utmost respect. I hope they just let him continue to do his work.

  8. Anyang Nyongo just saved a life. Had Anyang Nyongo not done what he did this morning this guy was history. I now hope he has protection. Ms Omamo Kenyan's aren't fools. The mere fact that you have to read everything says alot in itself.

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