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Matiang’i tells off NASA over ‘adopt a polling station’ plan – Viral Trends

Matiang’i tells off NASA over ‘adopt a polling station’ plan

Acting Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i has told NASA to forget deploying five agents to polling stations as a way of safeguarding its votes.


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  2. after hurriedly seeking fame on our over 50k young kenyans by slapping them with Es coz of not following rules of marking grading n moderation of national exams n idioticly claiming there were no single exam cheat, he thinks he will bully, brutalise n butcher kenyans. u will not go away with it this time….your bullish nature limit to your relatives. no man wil be your mother. hii kenya sio ya mamako. kenyans are not your shambaboys.

  3. Matiangi kitu bure,kitu ya aibu kwa wakenya. Ati unatisha wakenya. You will disappear like a vapour. Na unamaringo sana matiangi talking on behalf of uhuru na jubilee. Unatumiwa wewe.

  4. tunakuomba Mr.Matiangi usitulazize na serikali ya chuki acha wakenya waamue na Kenya ni kubwa kuliko wewe tuna njaa ,maisha imepanda maradufu .unataka kuua watu kwanini? Kwani,kama Wakenya hawataki Jubbellee lszima wafe?Pelekeni silaha zenu Somalia ndo kuna vita ya alshaba b sisi tuna amani na haki yetu lazima uilinde ni waajibu.

  5. These Nasa guys are very unprofessional. Their mind if carried by one Man Raira Ondinga. If raira says this, they all follow. Guys you have reached a point of worshiping man. Make your own decisions. Dr. Matiagi will perform his duties guided by constitution and justice

  6. Don't worry Matiang'i Nasa have been panicking since they started their compaigner they have no FAITH or they have is Jubilee is rgging that is they food day by day shame, now they are saying police is programmed on behalf of Juiblee SURELY this is only words which can come out from people who are TOTALLY DEPRESSED AND THIS IS NASA AM SORRY I SEE YOU GUYS YOU NEED DR. Uhuruto teno tena ndaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaani Kabisa even 2022..

  7. Someone should tell Matiang'i that this election isn't a class 8 and form 4 exams plus he is addressing over 18 people NOT class 8 pupils and form 4 students.
    #VINDU VICHENJANGA from voting style to resulting style.

  8. It sad how Kenyans display lack of Civic education… these are gazetted polling centers, just like examination centers… you CANNOT be there unless you're authorized!

  9. Kenyans respect the constitution and leave the institutions to exercise their duties.Huwezi kujisifu kusema umeleta mabadiliko kenya kama huamini IEBC,POLICE,KDF,COURTS,DEVELOPMENT,so why should one need to be president unless he wants to be a King

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