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How to Use On Camera Flash to Create Stunning Portraits and Use for Event Photography – Viral Trends

How to Use On Camera Flash to Create Stunning Portraits and Use for Event Photography

Join award winning portrait photographer Jason Lanier for a vintage shoot in the streets of London, England where he shows you how to use on camera flash for portraits that compliment natural light. PLEASE THUMBS UP, SHARE, LEAVE A COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE!

**Gear used in the video**

-Sony A9
-Sony 85mm G Master f/1.4
-Rotolight Neo 2

For more information about the Rotolight Neo 2 and to receive discounts and free shipping please visit:


For more information on editing and how Jason does his own unique style please subscribe to www.patreon.com/jasonlanierphotography

You can follow the model Maddi at www.instagram.com/lalunetta

We thank you for watching and invite you to stick around and watch a few more videos while you’re here.


Jason Lanier Photography


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Comments 47

  1. Greatly informative video.

    Rotolight Neo 2 seems to be a good solution that may prevent the need to duplicate equipment if you are otherwise thinking of bringing separate video lights and flashes – this does both.

    The modelling light would also help greatly in some indoor venues, where my camera can't find enough light to focus with. Most bars/clubs/venues have at least one corner that is almost completely dark.

    The fact it creates a pleasing look when unmodified (unlike speedlights) and is pointing direct at subjects is also a large advantage. I usually bounce an on-camera speedlight off a ceiling, when I am using on-camera flash at events.

    The price is more than a lot of speedlights and LED video lights, but less than the more expensive flashes from Canon/Nikon/Sony.

    My concern might be that it would go against expectations of subjects at an event, but I suspect they wouldn't care, or just assume I am making a video.

  2. I would love to see the light power settings on the images as well as the camera settings. I think the biggest unknown about this light is it's power as a strobe. Jason would you mind sharing your light settings on some of the images? Thanks.

  3. Hi Jason love it love it love your work Thank you like that Nero 2 flash I am a wedding photograph and it is hard to move around with off camera flash.This is the one for me the Rotolight Neo 2

  4. Love the shots at 5.30 and 6.50 (with the buses in the background), love the idea of not listening to what everyone says you should and shouldn't do. Would love to see you hit Brick Lane and do some funky street portraits.

  5. This video should be titled..
    " how to use the rotolight neo" because that's what this is..it's not even the tutorial you claimed it to be..
    Nonetheless your work is amazing and I love your content..but some people actually want to see tutorials and not be sucked into a a promotional video

  6. Jason, you have made some great photographs of Maddi, who is an awesome model and artist and It looks like she enjoyed her trip to London. Loved the 'happy' dancing!
    I do have some reservations though. Why would you take a model to an iconic location and shoot everything at f/1.4? Most of those images could have been made in your backyard and still looked the same. I know you were already in London for the Neo2 launch but surely the photos in London should be showing the cityscape in the background.
    I am guessing that if you closed down your aperture then the Neo2 would not have been powerful enough during daylight to contribute to the lighting.
    For normal shooting at apertures of f/5.6 and above I can't see that the Neo2 is going to be of any use in outdoor daylight situations. I can see that it can be very useful in low light along with higher ISO if you don't have a very fast lens.
    I would not consider this setup useful for event photography because events tend to be very dynamic and fast. A wide aperture of f/1.4 would not be practical for those situations.
    I love the idea of a continuous light with some flash capability but at the same time they shouldn't be over emphasised and you need to be clear on the limitations of such a light.

    I really like your work and some is truly inspirational. Love watching the videos but when talking about the gear it would be nice to know the uses and the limitations.

  7. As usual, a pleasure to watch. The neo 2 looks to be a great flash alternative with super options. Have to save up for that bad boy. Keep pounding the pavement J.L. your content, as always is very educational. watch you in the next one.

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