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Donald Trump: The War On Sports | TMZ Live – Viral Trends

Donald Trump: The War On Sports | TMZ Live

Donald Trump says any NFL player who takes a knee during the National Anthem should be fired — and referred to them as sons of bitches. SUBSCRIBE: …


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Comments 34

  1. I'll state facts about that flag.: It represents: theft, rape, murder, slavery, racism, segregation , discrimination, pedophilia, lynching, mutilation, oppression, depression, bullying, false supremacy, hypocrisy, bigotry, greed, capitalism, sexism, socialism, classism, execution, lies, fake ass alibi's, homicide , and the genocide of a nation and it's Native peoples. Facts!!!!!

  2. He had better cut it out before all of those people start loosing money and players start getting paid a regular salary which inturn players start loosing they white wives…see how its a ripple affect…

  3. To not say anything was the smartest thing he has done (Che Guevera T-Shirt WTF?)
    He shouldnt be the spokes person, he started this but dont wont to be "the killed messenger".
    He is the inspiration but please this is not the "Black Lives Matter" movement!!!
    Where is the leader we are all waiting for?

  4. Love him or hate him, he’s so right about this one! If you wanna disrespect the flag, then move out of the country & collect your millions of dollars elsewhere!!

  5. Black Americans need to stop sticking their dick into white whores and show the white man they are as equal as he is.
    If you don't respect your own and be proud of who you are,Trump or any other non black will never respect you.

  6. No one thought Trump was racist before he ran for president. Its not racist because you want to uphold the law about illegal immigration. Its been the law of the land since the inception of this country..Illegal aliens aren't race specific. So all the stupid black people need to shut the fuck up. And I say that as a black person. Now taking knees because of police injustice is another story because some cops actually do target blacks and browns but what does that have to do with Trump? That's why I don't understand while taking a knee is being related to Trump in the 1st place. Trump ain't the one who killed innocent black or brown people.

  7. F*ck Gump and all you racist @ss white ppl! Y'all always try and make sh*t about y'all and not the actual reason! They're peacefully protesting injustice and since Gump went and made that r@cist @ss speech towards 2 blk athletes, IT'S ABOUT HIS RACIST @SS NOW! Cause if Obama had made that r@cist @ss speech toward 2 white athletes, Y'ALL R@CIST @SS PPL WOULD'VE LOST Y'ALL MIND LIKE Y'ALL DID WHEN HE GOT ELECTED! So ,f*ck y'all?????????? and f*ck Gump r@cist @ss! ?

  8. Once again,, you have to be stupid to the 10th power, a complete dumb ass, better yet,, a waste of flesh,,, to keep saying its disrespectful to the military.. This has nothing to do with that and never had,, thats another white lie,,, The military men and women agree with the initial reason that started this,,, But of course the evil workings of these demons went out and lied to the other whites who dont lie as much…they just love to be lied to…basically puts lies in people head.. Do not assume ever,,, what a black man is thinking,,, just ask….anything beyond that and you will start lieing,, facts

  9. I started boycotting the NFL 3 years ago because I realized the miracles that I perform at my job and I don't get paid Millions of dollars so I stopped supporting the NFL.. plus it a bunch of grown men prancing around in tights for Christ sake. ?

  10. This is who Americans voted for and if you didn't vote you gave your vote to Trump. Too many of you guys choose to not vote. God knows who next president will be. Maybe Justin Bieber.

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