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  1. Thank you very much ! It worked perfectly for me. I have another question now:
    If I want to create an app with several quiz (if I click on button n°1, It opens Quiz n°1, button n°2 opens Quiz n°2 etc…); Is there a way to create several quiz without creating a lot of Activities ? If I want to create 100 Quiz in one app for example, I don't want to create 100 "MainActivity" and 100 "Questions" class… Thank you for your help 🙂

  2. Please make another tutorial but instead of text in button. Please use imagebutton and instead of texts use the drawables. The choices is the four different images. There is also a question but the answer is images in drawables. Please help me. I really do need it in my Thesis. Thanks a lot. Godbless.

  3. In answering the question on not randomizing question you said someone should use counter, based on the code on your video how can that be done. I also looked up on a way to randomize without repeat and watched the flag tutorials but i don't understand. Can you help. Great tutorial as always. Keep them coming.

  4. Hey sir, can you help me please? I have 2 checkbox with yes and with no. Olso I have a button who swich the activities.. I want to know how I can show the rezult from that 2 checkbox on the second activies.

  5. The questions are repeating would you please provide a tutorial for non-repetitive questions and also to display the correct answer when the user inputs a wrong answer so that the game continuous…

  6. The questions in the app are repeating, would you please provide source code for non-repetitive questions and also to display the correct answer when the user inputs wrong answer

  7. dear sir. . your video is very helpful to me. Thank you very much .
    I am facing a problem with the code . The problem is when you first choose new game on Game over screen it works fine but on completing the 2nd game if u choose EXIT it doesnot close the game. it leads you to previous session of the game. Can you help me with this..thank you

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