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Another Top 10 Worst As Seen On TV Items Ever – Viral Trends

Another Top 10 Worst As Seen On TV Items Ever

Another Top 10 Worst As Seen On TV Items Ever Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Q2kKrD // TIMESTAMPS BELOW Be sure to visit our Suggest Tool and Submit Ideas …


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Comments 39

  1. Being disabled with a horrible autoimmune disease that causes my feet to burn and swell I use a chillow to place on top of my burning feet and I love it! Sad to see it trashed all the time when it saved me from tying ice packs to my legs and feet with shirts which sucks.

  2. I have the Cami Secret and I love it!! It comes in handy in hot weather when wearing two layers is uncomfortable. It also prevents having two sets of straps to deal with (bra & camisole).
    It's also good for making a top more appropriate for certain situations.
    Cheap, useful, and easy to use. Should not have been on this list.

    Although, I will admit it reminds me of the fake turtlenecks my mom wore in the 80's. Those were gross.

  3. I have a running theory that many of the as-seen-on-tv products are in fact designed for elderly and people with reduced mobility and/or motor function, but get marketed on a wider scale in order to squeeze a few extra bucks out of it.

  4. The first time I saw the Perfect Polly commercial, I was convinced it was one of those joke ads where someone pops up and says "wow, that was terrible" but then it just kept going and going and it was a solid 30 seconds into the commercial before I realized that someone was ACTUALLY trying to sell this garbage.

  5. there's a product as seen on TV out there that is actually pretty good. My great Uncle, who is about 65, owns a GMC Sierra with a fifth wheel attachment. Sometimes, even with the side step he still has difficulties climbing into his truck. So for christmas, I got him this handle that you can attach to the door hook. I forget what it's called, but he absolutely loves it.

  6. Actually the food locker is not so bad! You talk like anyone could simply quit and find a new job. Though you may be rich and not realize just how bad things are in reality huh? Id rather lock up my food than quit and lose my home over my lunch geez. Also who says it's not socially unacceptable! You know whats LESS unacceptable? Stealing from people! If you steal then you should be embarrassed that a co worker has to resort to a lockable cage! You are the problem not them

  7. I had those secret cami things years ago. They don't work if you have breasts bigger than a B-cup and shoulders larger than a petite woman. They didn't stay on the straps and were so small , just didn't actually cover anything.

  8. Hahaha! These are great. Don't make too much fun of the chillow, one day you'll be the age where you completely understand why something like it is needed. Ask any woman over fifty LOL!

  9. So most as seen on tv products are made for the disabled and just marketed to everyone so their pride doesn't get in the way of them buying the items.
    so….yeah, the fact you pointed out a lot of these are good for the elderly and disabled….that's the point.

  10. Fridge Locker: would have saved me a LOT of money (stolen food) and a LOT of days going without a lunch (half hour lunch period not enough time to leave work to replace my meal). Leg & Foot Warmers: wear at home, especially for someone with circulation problems in their feet, but they don't look like they were meant to be worn out as a boot. Cami Secret : actually practical, fill in a neckline of a blouse without having to wear an additional layer of clothing. would have been useful when I worked in an office where the average temperature was around 86F with no fans or ability to open windows. i made myself the same thing from handkerchief-weight cotton for a few of my blouses because of the heat there. Saw something similar to the bird a few years ago marketed as a 'pet' for a child's doll. so some are not necessarily bad ideas, they just needed better marketing.

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