3D Printed Chain Lifts Car | HP Multi Jet Fusion™ Technology | HP

Contact us at: http://cwu.printingresearch.ext.hp.com/contactus.php?lang=en&jumpid=sc_en5dqkxt7i Watch as a 1/4 lb 3D printed chain link, created using new …


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  1. Don't be amazed by this. Even if this car weighed 10,000 lbs. The diameter of that chain link looks to be roughly 1.25 inches, giving it a total area of lifting of roughly 2.5 square inches. Divide the 10,000 lbs by the 2.5 square inches to get roughly 4000 psi of stress. Even with the reduced strength of a 3D printed nylon, that is nothing to be amazed by. This is all marketing smoke and mirrors.

  2. OK, the print looks impressive.  Bet the software that goes with it is the most bloated bag of shit ever invented though.  Complete with 8 pieces of software trying to sell you HP crap like ink, net printing, email scanning, all of which takes 4 god damn days to install.  

  3. I seems HP intends to have a future. And with advances like this, the future looks bright indeed!

    They claim their process is faster and more accurate than competition, can use colors better and this video goes to demonstrate the strength of the resulting objects. They also demonstrated 3D printing part of their 3D printer with another unit like it.

  4. Yeah a rather gimmicky video.  The music is much too dramatic.  I could print an identical chain link on my FDM-type printer in PLA.  If it is printed in a flat orientation with 100% fill, circular pattern, I should get 8ksi yield.  So, assuming each half of the link has a cross sectional area of 1in^2, then It should be good for 16,000 pounds.  Whoop-de-do..
    However, I think the new HP printer will be successful as long as material costs aren't prohibitive.  Speed and detail are very important .. and not having a whole bin of nylon 6 dust to shake out would be a bonus too!

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