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Wildlife Photography – Episode 1 – Viral Trends

Wildlife Photography – Episode 1

In this, the first episode of my video series, “Wildlife Photography”, I take you along on my walk around Tifft Nature Preserve in Buffalo, New York. During our edited three mile walk I talk about how I go about taking wildlife shots from camera settings to strategy.

More info about Tifft Nature Preserve can be found here:


Keep track of all future videos in this series on the YouTube playlist here:


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  1. Anthony, I just want to share with you a little wildlife photography tip that I believe works out well. In fact I Think this tactic got me some of my favorite shots. I feel silly even telling you this as I am sure you have already thought of it. So you might agree that people compared to animals are pretty loud and clumsy. As we walk through the woods or even down a trail, everything knows we are there because they hear us coming. My strategy is to find a good spot and set up and wait. As other people walk by making noise, the animals or birds hide. As the other people walk away and it becomes quiet again the animals and birds feel safe to come back out again thinking that all the humans are gone and there you are with your camera. So in that way having other people walking by when your trying to shoot wildlife can be a blessing.

  2. Thank you. I loved that. I usually go out on my own and try to get wildlife shots. I am only a beginner and I really appreciated being able to tag along with you. I love seeing how people work.

  3. Thanks so much for this video….. I have just retired and about a month ago I purchased a Nikon D5300 plus a few lenses including a Nikon AF-P DX NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3G ED VR which I used for wild bird shooting….. As a newbie most of my photos are not so good but I have a couple of average ones….. I have subbed your channel and look forward to learning more from you….. Thanks again for posting….. More like this please….. Ian

  4. Thanks for taking us on the walk with you! Nice to see something different than what I see here in the upper midwest. Weather is crappy today so it was nice to watch something with some sunshine. Thank you all the advice and a different point of view

  5. Thanks for sharing, I just got the sigma 150-600mm for my D810 and I'm in love with it, you are totally right regarding cropping on full frame, the d810 also with high mp allows you to do so and still keeps great quality

  6. Thanks Anthony. Its actually inspiring to see that birds dont always come out to play for professionals either! All those days I've had with nothing are quite normal after all.The big difference is is I just see some bushes with no birds.You see a landscape and sell images of bushes with no birds.

  7. In regards to the picture of the Tree Swallow, how do you get the background that nice blue color? Judging by the lighting, I would expect to be overexposed and pretty devoid of color. Did you bring down the blues in post?

  8. Actually your making this look easy. I admire your results, so much so you inspired me to head to my local Botanical gardens and try shoot some Birds, I think I kept about 10 images from 250 shots…although after cranking up the ISO to 500 I seemed to get better results, but getting a pin sharp image (hand-held) was troublesome but I will keep practcing, thanks again for the inspiration.

  9. You gave a good sense of a morning looking for birds to shoot. Pleasant demeanor. I like the Gopro perspective. Thank you.

    PS: I began following you on Instagram: @oldmanwalking.

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