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[News] WTF – Unfriending a coworker on facebook is “workplace bullying” in australia? – Viral Trends

[News] WTF – Unfriending a coworker on facebook is “workplace bullying” in australia?

I won’t defend the lady for being a “good coworker”, but c’mon unfriending someone on facebook IS NOT bullying at all.


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Comments 43

  1. friend in australia had a co-worker go to the "workplace tribunal" (he calls it the circus of stupidity) saying that my friend hates her, the reasoning is that he friend'd another co-worker but wouldnt accept her's. he accepted the other co-worker because they went to school together (and the guy had to make another facebook account). the circus of stupidity ordered him to either friend her or lose his job. spoiler: he lost his job. he took it to his representative and the ruling was deemed up fair and ordered the tribunal to back off. when he got his job back he heard from the friend he friend'd that she posted stuff directed at him (it a very hateful way) and he took that up with the circus of stupidity. want to guess how that went, nothing happened to her, even though it was harrassment. the rep changed that too. it always helps to get a rep involved if there is misjustice.

  2. I think all coworker's should be accepted on Facebook. Some jobs are weird they won't let you add everyone from work just to stay professional but I think it's not fair that others get to add everyone from work and leave some coworker's left out on their Facebook when they work everyday in the office. I try not to take it personal when a coworker unfriends me he or she has their reasons but I don't think that's bullying. If they still like you in real life when ya'll are not Facebook friends don't take it personal.

  3. Years ago, here in Australia, a woman got $50k compensation because one of her coworkers put one of those little plastic jumping penis' on her desk.

    Truly pathetic.

  4. isn't rachel such a special fucking flower.. omfg people get over it FB is more media shit like any other social media bullshit.. and Lisa should get a job that repects her personal right to have her OWN opinions instead of being ABUSED by her job.

  5. Hang on, wait a minute, Normally I'm right there with you Matt, But something sounded a bit off about this. So I went to the article & read it. Towards the end of the article, it even cited that the tribunal stated that it wasn't the act of being unfriended from Facebook that they deemed to be workplace bullying, but rather one part of a much longer trend of incidents that created a hostile work environment. I know the whole thing is rather trivial, but I'm really anal retentive about accuracy in representation of the source material., so I had to point it out.

  6. Sigh…I freaking hate Facebook. It made me annoyed with all my friends because I never knew before how narcissistic they were until they updated their FB 20 times a day with the most mundane shit ; I wanna keep in touch but I don't need a play-by-play of your day, everyday!. Not to mention selfies…selfies….selfies. People REALLY love looking at pictures of themselves, apparently. People "checking in" at different places, as if to say "look, I have a real social life outside of FB, despite what it looks like!" The obligation to add people you either don't like, don't DISLIKE but certainly don't like enough to add, and people who it would just be awkward to add…like your grandmother. And lastly, the "suggested friends" tab that brings up the ghosts of ex-boyfriends and ex-friends past who are not added on my FB for a REASON. I'm just so glad I'm not on that site anymore, lol. End of rant.

  7. how the fuck in unfriending bullying?! I use to work with a guy hated and every morning when he said "hello" or "good morning" and I'd always respond with "Shut up dumb-ass no one cares" or "Die in a fire", that I would call bullying. fuck ,once I found his bus pass which had his picture on it, and I drew a mustache on his pic and then gave it back after showing it to everyone in the store…he ended up quiting because of me, but he was lazy and incompetent and made shifta harder for everbody so I don't feel bad about it at all

  8. I've said it before and I'll say it again.
    All of our lives are insignificant, and our emotions are childish and inconsequential.
    If your that fucking hurt, go cut your neck.

  9. Not really.

    "The Fair Work Commission didn't find that unfriending someone on Facebook constitutes workplace bullying," Josh Bornstein, a lawyer at the firm Maurice Blackburn, told ABC News.
    "What the Fair Work Commission did find is that a pattern of unreasonable behaviour, hostile behaviour, belittling behaviour over about a two-year period, which featured a range of different behaviours including berating, excluding and so on, constituted a workplace bullying."

  10. This is why you have to do 1 of 3 things with social media accounts. Either 1) keep it to actual friends only, 2) keep it to networking/work related people, or 3) keep it to people you actually find interesting. Don't mix them ever. Have 3 accounts if you must, but never ever mix categories of people. That way you never have to "unfriend" a co-worker or work acquaintance.

  11. Australia is shit, I have to live in this country. On the other hand the restricted list is great, they can only see posts you make publically. Great for colleagues, though I have a policy of not fraternising or adding colleagues to facebook.

  12. No, unfriending someone on facebook is not bullying. That's also what the commission said. They ruled that the overall hostile behavior of the coworker (who is also in a relationship with the boss) was workplace bullying. Dunno from the facts we get from the article it could be bullying, it could also be just someone being oversensitive.
    Overall it was just a shitty clickbaitarticle which latter relativated the "unfriending gets you fired durdurr"-headline. I dont get why you felt the need to import a clickbait article from the telegraph into youtube.

  13. That Tribunal should be dismantled, just like the UN right now. Leave the right of Progressives to say the shit they want to but take away all their authority and power.

  14. see… mixed feelings here. the facebook thing shouldn't be considered harassment, but the "school girl" comment, should and should be grounds to get the woman in trouble at work. and actually matt, you'd be surprised to hear there are several jobs which do require you to say hello to people who walk through the door, be they coworker or client. but yeah… the harassment for "unfriending"? seriously? a lot of places tell you to unfriend to avoid harassment. gods.

  15. Mate we had t prim ministers in 5 years. Yet we have only voted twice. Our media is more interested in what's trending on Twitter and unfortunately it's mostly sjw bullshit. My country has turned into a fucking joke. Any of us who call out the bullshit are immediately branded a bigot. We are fucked down here. It sad to see my home that I love destroy itself to a nanny state.

  16. also she was upset that she didn't say hello to her in the morning? this must be the general consensus or something because I'm pretty introverted and don't talk to people often, I will rarely say hello first. and people that don't know me I get the feeling they think i'm fucking worse than hitler or something.

  17. she seriously got so butthurt over getting unfriended on facebook by a co-worker.
    dude I've had relatives unfriend me on there and at the end of the day I don't give a fuck and don't lose sleep. l'm also Australian.

  18. Ok, just to be clear before I rant, I love Australia. It is a naturally beautiful nation and I couldn't dream of living anywhere else (With the exception of Japan; I sexually identify as a weeaboo), but this country's government is fucked. They're are not nothing but right-wing arseholes of whom half try to cover it by appeasing the Tumblr Feminists of the world out of fear of being called misogynistic. This has left Australia a lovely country with lovely people ruled by the worst people since Charles Fucking Manson. Even though we've gotten rid of Abbott, Turnbull is basically throwing men under a bus in hope of baiting the ultra left-wing for a second term. He is maintaining Operation Sovereign Borders but brushing it under a rug at the same time to distract the dumbarse half of progressives.

    To be even clearer, I am very much left-wing, what I have a problem with is people who take progression to the point of oversensitivity and nullification of anything that motions to drop a hat. That is bullshit. I want to be able to express my progressive ideas freely without people condemning me for stepping toward the left-wing or taking a step back when I stray too far in. People need to realise you don't need to be an extreme of something to express an opinion; neutrality is a good stance no matter what people say.

    Really what I'm saying is society is a mess. Although I would rather society's current sensitive standpoint on everything to past centuries' bigoted nightmare standpoint, it doesn't mean that this sensitivity is good. But I guess the fact is as long as humans exist, there will be extremes of humanity; people mad with power that get all the attention and draw the hivemind voters to their beckon.

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