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It’s time for my landscape photography, trekking, hiking workshop in the mountains in the Swiss Alps. KLM cancelled my flight and lost my bag, see how I managed with my photography tour after this catalogue of errors by one of the worst airlines I have ever flown with.

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Bamboo – Jack Elphick
Love for the Ocean – Martin Hall
Bed by the Sea – Gunnar Johnsén
Stay Near – Henrik Olsson
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  1. Hi Thomas – Having recently started to follow you on various channels, I'd like to say that your photography and how you communicate it is inspirational to me. So much so that you've drawn me into commenting instead of just lurking! Your reflections on managing the weight and bulk of your gear strike a chord, as I walk and cycle everywhere with my SLR, usually in a LowePro Inverse 100 beltpack, which has room for a Canon 5d, a wide-angle, and one extra (smallish – max 135mm f2L) lens. I agonise about how to have my much-loved 5D II always available whilst keeping the package size and weight to these dimensions. So I'm fascinated to follow your experiences with the Canon M5 and wish you very happy shooting with it. I also wonder whether you would ever consider a lightweight trekking outfit based on primes with your 5D Mk IV? By taking two superb lenses approximating to the middle of your focal length range (35mm f2 USM IS, 135mm f2L) I calculate you'd save 40 ounces (2.5 pounds) off your back. This is what I sometimes carry in my Inverse 100. Or sticking with the focal length range of your two zooms (24 – 200mm) you could have a 3-lens set-up: 24mm f2.8 USM IS, 85mm f1.8 USM, 200mm f2.8L Mk II, which wouldn't fit in the Inverse 100 but still save a significant weight. Just a thought from a fan of prime lenses!

  2. What about your Large format camera? make another video on it, this brings everyone to the basics but on the other hand… it gives hipsters more reasons to live…

  3. My wife and I watched you pack and my wife said 'I hope they don't lose that bag!' Why? Well in July we flew KLM Birmingham to Warsaw via Amsterdam and yes, there was a long delay and then a clank up with flights, AND they lost our bags – for SIX DAYS. Because of different cabin bag requirements I had put my my main and heavier camera in my checked luggage, with the SD cards fromf 2 months travel (how could I do that? fatigue?). I kept my smaller backup camera in my cabin bag. We had to purchase clothes and essentials in Warsaw. Multitude of shops and a couple of days to get the lightweight travel gear that we needed. Happy to say that KLM came to the party a month after returning to Australia and paid us the AUD1,100 we had spent without any queries. Accidents do happen and I think KLM came out of our episode well in the end. Our luggage was brought to our apartment in the middle of the night. You should not have had to go and collect it! Wife and I laughed our heads off when we watched your video which so fortunately had a happy ending. Like your work young man!

  4. Hey Thomas — how many shots/exposures do you take for a specific composition? It seems like from your videos you only take 2-3 shots total. Or do you take many other test/backup shots before that final picture? I hear "quality of quantity" a lot, but how many shots is too few?

  5. Amazing views and great photographs, Thomas!! Would you please tell me how you plan these treks? Do you go through any trek organizers or search for local guides who come along with you on the trek? Cheers!!

  6. In 45 years of travelling KLM is the only airline that I fly where there is a better than 50% chance that when I land my bag will be on a vacation somewhere else. They are the worst. Period!

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