For a quick and simple Halloween costume, just zip into a onesie

Can’t find a decent costume for Halloween? Having trouble finding something that fits? Or maybe you’re just feeling lazy and you’re not up to hunting for an elaborate get-up. Whatever your needs are for a quick costume, onesies are always an option.

No teeth. Obviously

Known as kigurumis, these are more than just baggy onesie pajamas to slip on (though they’re really good for that too). These have hoods and elaborate designs that you can use to dress up as fun and kooky characters. ThinkGeek as a nice selection of kigurumis to choose from.

Kigurumi’s range from $60-$70, so see which one is right for you. Check out ThinkGeek’s full line here and peruse some of our picks below.

They’re our favorite Japanese dogs, and now you can dress up as one. It even comes with a collar and a cute fluffy tail. 

If you’re feeling mythical, why not dress up as a pegasus? Its fluffy wings and rainbow tail will make you feel truly magical.

Alpacas are frumpy, wooly, and have really funny screams. Of course we think they’re one of the cutest animals on the planet. And who wouldn’t want to dress up as one of them?

Maybe you want your kigurumi to have a pastel aesthetic. The Dreamin’ Panda has got you covered. The gentle purple panda costume with a ton of stars on the belly will definitely help you stand out among costumes.

If you’re feeling character-y, there’s a kigurumi for you too. Dress up as Toothless the dragon (from Dreamworks’ How to Train Your Dragon) complete with wings and claws.

You can even dress up as the comic strip cat turned Facebook sticker sensation, Pusheen. With roomy pockets and careful attention to detail, you can really bring the famous grey tabby to life.

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