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Bare Feet Portrait Photography – Viral Trends
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  1. Imogen, thank you for mentioning that you have Hyper-Mobility Syndrome. I have a dear friend who has EDS, as well as her kids. It's because of what I have learned from her that I knew what you were talking about. Back in May I took some photos for an EDS awareness photo project.

  2. Must admit: I hadn't really thought about bare foot photos. But I guess, as most people on the planet have them, it should be a natural feature to include. It wasn't until later in life I started to appreciate how some people's feet were actually quite attractive and yes, I agree, it does add something where appropriately used in photos. 🙂

  3. I often have models take their shoes off–maybe shoot first with them on, then take a shot with bare feet. I liked the images you presented here and your descriptions. I think bare feet often lend a warm, casual feel and at times can be sensual too. Nice video.

  4. Never been a fan of feet (I can't even stand my own feet) but that final image jumped out at me, quite possibly because it wasn't so about the feet. A really nice composition giving you a kind of 'little girl lost' look.

  5. I like feet. Always have. If a girl has a pretty face but does not have pretty feet…she ain't Pretty! You are absolutely gorgeous. Charlize Theron can't stand her feet to be dirty. Girls who personally take extreme care of their feet are usually meticulous, clean and neat. So it ain't just about pretty feet.

  6. First of all I want to say that you are a gorgeous girl, Mark is lucky to have such a photogenic model as you……..How old were you with the ball gown on? I love your voice so much I could just sit all day listening to you read the phone book! Ok, enlighten you about feet: I enjoy bare feet very much, but it's just like a guy can have a fetish about hands, eyes, long or short hair, sneezing, blowing your nose, etc. etc. Any part of a woman's body and what she does with it, there's a fetish for it…….. I will go into it in depth about the feet so you won't have a question about it anymore! There are several, really a LOT of things that guys like and some guys are very particular. I'm just going to tell you what I like, then give you an in depth of what other guys like. I love your skin tone, powder white, so sexy. Your skin tone adds to the sexiness of your feet; you have very pretty toes, I love the way your toes get shorter as they go down and your big toe is longer rather than shorter. You don't have too much of an arch, but the pluses cover a lot of…….just ok's………ok enough said about what I like . Things can get so intricate here: Some guys like long nails, short nails, painted, (even the color of the polish) french tipped etc. As I said, whether your big toe is the same length, shorter or longer than the rest. Whether or not you are standing on your toes or just flat on the ground. If your toes are spread apart in the pic. How much of an arch you have, what the bottom looks like, smooth or rough, whether they are clean, just a bit dirty or very dirty, it can even make a difference to some guys if it's dirt, just plain dirt, or dirt from a sidewalk or a blacktop road. Whether they are scrunched up or stretched out. What position your feet are at the time of the picture, as in sitting, standing, walking. If you are stepping on or in things, like water, whether covering just the bottom or most of the foot, stepping on a toy car, smashing jello or berries or whatever………it can get down to how you are stepping on the particular object, glad I'm not that picky! I think I've covered quite a bit here, if I haven't the rest of you foot guys add more…….I've pretty much covered it I believe……..lol. Oh yeah, and I love your bare legs too 🙂

  7. Really nice pictures… as always on this channel!

    But the first one doesn't look like you've been living in a carpark because, in the story, if you were able to find a restroom to keep your face washed and someone to loan you makeup you might have been able to find someone to loan you a spare pair of shoes, as well. (Or, for that matter, a ride out of the garage.)

  8. Yes excellent and inspirational. Food for thought as I have not considered bare feet in portraits before – but I will now! Thanks and well presented Imogen – cuter by the week!

  9. I don't know that I have a true foot fetish in terms of getting some sexual gratification from seeing bare feet, but I like bare feet in photography. You often spoke of these images having more of a "candid" feel, but I would describe the feeling as being more intimate. While bare feet don't convey the same level of intimacy as nudity, there is some sense of intimacy, and I like that in an image, particularly an image of a beautiful woman. I think of bare feet as also being natural, and I like a photo of a beautiful woman with a more natural feel.

  10. The #1 Fetish is a foot Fetish. Mine occurred when I was in college. The girl I was seeing, one night, had on a pair of blue jeans and she was barefoot. Then it hit me. I think, in my opinion, it is a sense of nudity on a woman. It is hard to really explain, but that is the way I see it. BTW, you have cute feet. :0 Had to say that..

  11. With full body portraiture having feet in the picture only makes sense. It completes the image and sets a base for it. Since footwear completes the ensemble, having shoes removed implies unkempt, disheveled and otherwise incomplete. Sort of Cinderella like; need footwear to turn into a princess.
    Personally, I find bare feet in a parkade or street makes me feel uncomfortable. It's that filth, dirt, germy, stepping in dog dodo and cigarette butts thing.

  12. Dear Imogen I just wanted to ask for your help. when ever I have a client i struggle telling them how to pose. I have a friend that is rather confident with posing and I do a bit of work with her and she's pretty good. But even still I struggle a little weather it's a conferdence thing or I just don't have that artistic eye I don't know. Any help would be appreciated.

    Many thanks Reece from Essex

    Ps I love your videos

  13. imo Bare feet in the car park and museum pics looks so out of place (weird, unnatural) and make me feel a bit uneasy. My first thought at seeing those pics is that I hope there is no broken glass in the area. Feet in photos I would use if I want to accentuate the photos theme of innocence, intimacy, and/or of being carefree. Bare feet and a dress go so well together. In rural settings , (a field or by a stream) bare feet make sense and make a picture look more natural, simple, and humble. Your yellow dress picture is brilliant and vaguely reminds me of pictures from the 1930 depression in America. Bare feet in photos seems to be much more prevalent in photography of women and children, but not for photos of men, perhaps the theme of many male photos is strength and power?

  14. It is great, You did this video about the topic. For me it is just a lot more sexy, when a woman can show her nice feet. It is also a small degree to slip into pure sexism by showing bare feet, sometimes even in advertisments, women get pushed into sexism, what is a shame. I like Your style, go on like this! Love xxx Alex

  15. For me, as someone with a foot fetish, there's a lot that goes into it. It's important to note that the portion of your brain that is responsible for recognizing genitals is directly next to that which is responsible for recognizing feet; so, for many of us foot fetishists, we are non neurotypical in the sence that our wires got a little crossed or spliced during development, and for some subconscious reason, there is a constant underlying sensual appeal about feet. It's also worth noting that feet can also be considered a 6th G-spot (after the deep vaginal erogenous zones, clitoris, anus, nipples, and the palate of your mouth) as the soft tissues of the feet are laced with almost as many nerves as are in the glans of the penis or a clitoris. The endings of your central nervous system branch down into your feet, making them very sensitive and prone to sensual stimulation. There is the fact that they, plain and simple, are very pretty parts of the body; they look very intricate, delicate, and gentle. They're also very versatile and can be… *ahem… put to use in many different ways. But for me, I think the biggest thing is a sense of confidence and trust. So, so, so many women are insecure about their feet, and hate the idea of someone looking at them, let alone touching them, or, God forbid, if you're in a relationship, actually using them during sensual play between partners. To me, if a girl shows off her feet, it's her taking a step our of her comfort zone and establishing that she trusts me to view them with respect and dignity; it's confidence in me, the viewer. If she takes it a step further and lets me touch them or stimulate them, then she's really trusting me with a part of her body that she is otherwise insecure about or dislikes; and that warms my heart to know that that woman sees me as someone trustworthy enough to respect her body and take care of it. I know that probably sounds ridiculous, but that's really what does it for me. Most of my female friends hate their feet, so when they let me give them foot rubs, it warms my heart to know that of all the people in this world, they trust me to respect what they don't and think others don't.

  16. The Yellow image only works with bare feet to accentuate the story of isolation as one attempts to distant against the stark worn down room and filthy floor. The chair is the last stand, and the feet tuck away from the floor. Shoed feet loses the effect of the feeling of Retreat.

  17. Liked the video. I think your description of why the first photo, you in the parking garage, works seems pretty good. I will say though that it does not quite rise (or lower) to the grunge level. You seem to clean and neat nor do you seem quite "desperate" enough. Just a cute girl in bare feet crouching in the garage. I love the second shot. I think it would have worked well in the garage. I love your eyes in the second shot. I have come to the conclusion thought that you are far to upbeat of a person to pull of looking depressed or down-and-out. All-in-all I enjoyed the video.

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