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2015 Volkswagen Golf TSI SEL Car Review – Viral Trends

2015 Volkswagen Golf TSI SEL Car Review

Volkswagen provides a compelling reason for Americans to embrace the hatchback.


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Comments 25

  1. The seat bolsters on this car are so severe that only skinny people will feel comfortable in the narrow seats. The base-level Golf has more comfortable seats, albeit with limited adjustment. A very solid and expensive-feeling car otherwise.

  2. VW should have focused more on ELECTRIC vehicles than TDI diesels — electric vehicles have no emissions…….
    Electric vehicles are the future……….
    I guess there is no such thing as an ethical business….. Business schools once taught a class called Business Ethics. It looks like Universities needs to bring back the Business Ethics classes……..

  3. I'm still uncomfortable about reviews. I've been to six or seven different websites and they all say the Golf is unreliable and to expect serious and PAINFULLY expensive repairs after 60,000 miles. Any Golf owners who can share their stories? How many miles is on your Golf? How does it hold up after 50-55,000 miles? Also, I'm shocked that many say the manual transmission is unreliable and that reverse gear tends to fail!

  4. This was an infomercial. I was looking for a proper review. Not easy to find as they all seem to be in the pocket of the car manufacturer. What's the point and what's the deal? Do you do the "loan me you car and I'll make it look great" approach?

  5. Nice car as I bought the TSI SE but had to swap it … seats too small, no tilt seat feature and seat cushion was flat. Caused back pain/sciatica nerve pain down leg. Got a bigger Non-VW car instead.

    Overall… good car, quiet and preppy.. fun to drive.. change lanes then rev off on the highway or even the street with smooth ride and the sound insulation was relatively very good 🙂

    But there were obviously some not so good things but minor…
    No USB port, flat/hard driver's seat with no tilt adjustment, needs more room even for 6' [readers from various online forums state that tall people can fit like 6'4" people but do they sit in the driver's position under a sun roof? EVERYONE is different!], some cheap plastic areas, did I mention the seats?

  6. I've always liked the Golf, but in recent years they have been too far on the spendy side for my wallet.  For $30K there are a number of other options.  Still, there is just something about the Golf you have to love.

  7. Thanks for another entertaining – to the point review.  I like your reference to Consumer Reports since VW has (in my mind) a reliability issue.  I owned one and that was enough – even though i love the handling (i'm sure reliability has improved since my used 1981 Scirocco).

  8. Just sold my MKVI GTI and wondering if I should have got for the MkVII. Tom, make sure you get the GTI with performance pack, they say it is awesome.

    Looking forward to seeing the Focus RS, Golf R and Subie WRX STI comparisons.

  9. Great review Tom, I still have to edit up my video of this car.  I had a ZERO option S model late last year, I think I pulled 41mpg on the highway!  Just posted my GTI review, if you haven't driven it yet, you WILL love it.  Still sets the benchmark for the class.

  10. The problem with Volkswagen is that the long term reliability is HORRIBLE (especially with the electronics)! This is a rental car… you bring it back after 3 years and ask for a new one (as I would do with all German cars except for Porsche because they are actually very reliable (JD Powers). Not only that but they are built in Mexico… no real leather? And no USB? How's the GPS interface? Is it still as clunky? Don't get me wrong, they are pretty and fun to drive but finish off being a garage queen.

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