Take the HAIR QUIZ! What is Your HAIR GRADE? Is Your Hair Care Game Strong? Beautyklove

So, I decided to take the quiz and the grade of my hair care is, guess what? Here is the quiz- http://www.hairfinity.com/us/en/quiz-much-know-proper-hair-care/ …


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  1. Hey keren! I wanted to request a video, theres this thing called hair growth overnight and tons of people are using it and saying its working I wanted you to test it. the ingredients are 2 eggs and 4 tbsp of olive oil or grapeseed oil, and your leave this on overnight wrapping hair in syram wrap and a plastic bag. Hope you try it! xxx

  2. keren I have a different type of question for u the water available here have a high amount of chlorine can u suggest something to reduce its amount …I think that's the reason my hair is dryyy

  3. Keren I have something to ask to You…
    I've been seeing A lot of videos On DIY eyelash growing serum..
    does they really work?
    I know you're so Honest About everything ..that's why I'm Asking u..
    tell me please.
    my Eyelash were really long.
    but nowadays They r falling so much??

  4. It doesn’t go to take the test here (im on my iphone), I would probably get a low grade though because I only know how to take care of my hair not anyone else’s texture or thickness. If I keep my hair really healthy, deep condition it once a week, wash it twice or trice a week, take supplements for my deficiencies (it really helped against my hairloss but I am now dealing with the frizz of the new roots coming back), eat healthy and get enough fat (to keep hair shiny) and proteins, do I have to cut my hair every 6-8 weeks still or just when I began noticing split ends?

  5. I had a Beautiful Hair Like U u when I was in Kabul , Thn I Moved to india n Since Thn I have This Hair Issue, Like Hair Fall, Alotz of Hair Fall tbh, n My Hair Got Weak, idk what to do, need a help!):

  6. Guys, the next video will be my skin care routine! As many of have requested. I'm still editing it at the moment! <3 Also, some of you were telling me that the link is not working anymore? That's weird. I just took the test just this morning and now it's gone? Whut? I'll ask them about it. I'm so sorry about this you guys. 🙁

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