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Starting in Photography? Here are My Tips for What Camera Gear to Buy – PLP #173 – Viral Trends

Starting in Photography? Here are My Tips for What Camera Gear to Buy – PLP #173

Check out my gear here: http://www.photoserge.com/my-gear
In this episode I’m going to go over the gear that I own and give you some advice on what to buy if you are starting and how I shifted from Canon to Sony for some of my shoots.

I will present you with all the gear that I have been using over the years and suggest some ideas of what to start with.

Help me translate this video or other videos from my Youtube channel in your own language if you can, that would be amazing here is the list, follow the instructions it is quite simple:

Get my entire training at : http://photoserge.com/tutorials/




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Comments 21

  1. I want to start with a mirrorless camera, but i don't need the best image quality. I just want a camera that gives me more control over my photos than my old Lumix FS3. Would a micro four thirds camera like the Olympus OMD EM10 work for me? It has some very nice features and there are TONS of lenses for the M4/3 mount.

  2. Hi there. Just wondering what you think about the new Sony a7r ii? I've heard it's a huge step up from the a7r. I'm curious to to hear what you think of it. Personally I own a Nikon d3300 but I'm purchasing the Panasonic gh4 mostly for its 4k capability and many other features that are otherwise out of my price range

  3. If you are just starting in photography you shouldn't be dropping $3,000 on a camera body for your "hobby" unless you are financially well off.  To get your feet wet buy a used T2i or whatever T(x)i you can afford or, better yet, get the Sony a6000.  In a year if you are still into photography you can spend $6k  – $10k on a pro body and lenses.  While I love this doods videos this one is just a straight up money grab.

  4. Hi Serge,
    are listed in your gears two ND filters, the UltraPro vario and the Fotodiox ND1000, both very affordable. I personally have a Hitech ND 8 stops filter which is horrible inasmuch as the color cast it introduces is uncontrollable, barely fixable to mention a few. How about your filters, can you easilly fix the color cast, do you lose contrast and/or sharpness? 

  5. Thank you Serge for all your hard work . and great tutorials
    can you recommend for me a wireless trigger for my sony A6000 ( The hot shoe same as A7r ) . can attached directly to my gear without any connection cable . 

  6. Serge. question, in your Canon Pro kit on this video you recommended a Sigma lens but on your site you have a Tokina lens,, which lens ? I think I would prefer the Sigma over the Tokina,, also a question about the Really right stuff ballhead, I do alot of seaside landscapes and dont know how that would do with salt and sand and cleaning, I've been thinking about an Acratech head as it has an open ball head which can be cleaned with water, I mention to you because you may be interested since I see you do do some coastal shooting, really enjoy your videos !! Keep up the great work !!

  7. C'est quoi cette vidéo sérieux??
    Parler de liste pour débuter la photo avec presque du matos de pro c'est vraiment insister encore une fois que le matériel fait le photographe alors que ce n'est pas le cas!

    Je ne parle même pas de l'objectif Sigma qui n'est même pas adapté au Full Frame…

    Désolé mais cette vidéo n'est vraiment pas â conseiller

  8. Beware, there is a little mislead in the video, Sigma 18-35 is ONLY for APS-C sensors like 7D, 70D, etc. It won't work for 5D Mark III or any other full frame sensor camera.

  9. Great recommendations, Serge, and thanks for that. My personal choice would be a humble start – Sony A6000 (for now). 
    In the middle of the video you have mentioned some people – a suggestion for you to make a video with the favorite photographers that have inspired you. 

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