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IBM’s Watson Supercomputer Destroys Humans in Jeopardy | Engadget – Viral Trends
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  1. Reading the posts here makes me realize how long all US born americans have been fully brainwashed ,not 1 post here mentions that the corporation IBM is a Nazi German born company who's early use of punch card technology was used to orchestrate the holocaust, not 1 post mentions how IBM sold weather information to the USA while giving Nazi leadership the exact same weather reports for free ,no mention how IBM was used to coordinate the D day Normandy invasion and IBM gave Nazi leaders like Adolph Hitler copies of America's invasion logistics ,not one mention how IBM' s new AI super computer " Watson " is named after Thomas Watson ,a world renowned bigot ,anti Semite and one of Adolph Hitler's chief architects of Nazi Eugenics programs to build an Aryan super race ,not one mention how IBM has been an enemy of America since it's inception ,not one mention how president Eisenhower after ww2 used anti trust laws to break up IBM' s Google like control of all American information ,not a single American even knows how " Watson " is a slap in all our faces ,I was taught about IBM & the Nazis in school in 1950's Libya yet not 1 US born American knows that IBM attempted to overthrow America in 1938 ,or that IBM was less than a year away from developing the technology for Nazi Germany to bomb America, not 1 American even knows that Adolph Hitler's seemingly insane declaration of war against America was made on the promise that IBM would deliver to the 3rd Reich multiple weapons platforms capable of bombing every major U.S. city from Germany, you trendy kids who just love technology and scream your hatred for your 45th president Donald J Trump had better wake up ,IBM & Google are not America's friends ,they are China & Iran's friend ,but your president offended your weak emotions about the proven 80% of all female illegal Mexicans being raped ,so you want him out & are happy to be pacified with new electronic toys.

  2. That was 7 years ago. Just think how much more the Watson computer can do… like keeping track of everyone's activity 20 times a second and reporting that information to the 'cloud' somewhere !

  3. watson did beat humans in the sense that it scored highest in the game, but you could argue in favor of humanity that watson did not beat humans in that it's score is less than the sum of the scores of the 2 humans.

  4. Well the game has nothing to do with intelligence. Its mainly memory and recognition. You need to memorise the answers, but recognise the question as fast as possible… you can't really win by just being smart, you need to know the answer beforehand in most cases.

  5. The question therefor is not what Watson is to be but it is what we cant be? How do we improve the human mind if it is insufficient and autistic, abulia or aphoristic? How can we help humans correct their behaviors? Why do some struggle and people like Ken Jennings accelerate their neurolinguistic evidence based decision making?

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