How to Calibrate your monitor

If you are a photographer or doing any editing involving colour – you really ought to properly calibrate your monitor. Here I show the FULL process to calibrate using a Spyder 4, and explain about colour profiles and gamuts.
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Comments 22

  1. Matt, how do I set an iMac monitor to a brightness target of 120 cd/m? An iMac only allows me to move a brightness slider which lacks any indication of brightness values in units of cd/m. When using Spyder5pro, there appear no options to adjust brightness in units of cd/m. As a results my processed images sometimes look too bright on a different monitor. Thanks.

  2. Hi Matt, great video. I just calibrated my external monitor and all files look great after exporting to jpg. But when uploaded on the web the colors are way off….. cand figure out what goes wrong. In the export menu I set it to srgb. Do I still forgot something? Hope to hear from you. Best Johnny

  3. How do you calibrate a printer? I just bought an epson p800 and am printing from scanned negatives that are in sRGB. I was able to pump out a good print once I proofed the paper icc profile in photoshop but had to adjust the image a lot. Please help.

  4. How is spider working for you? I used color munki and it completely messed up the contrast and colors, to the worse! Any idea how to manually get it back? It don't have a function of reset it back.

  5. @7:00 however that only applies if you are 'chimping' your shots. If you let the camera expose properly and trust your light meter and settings, it shouldn't matter if your brightness is turned down or up on your LCD screen. I've made the mistake of turning down the brightness to save battery life and ended up overexposes a bunch of shots because I was chimping and not trusting my camera settings.

  6. I had done a wedding shoot with 5d mark 3 . I had clicked around 400 pics all in raw format with CF card.
    then through card reader , I had cut and pasted into my pc and formatted my cf card.
    now when I open the images in LR or DPP. after few seconds , the images appear to be corrupted with pink and red banding.
    how to Fix it ?
    at least I can have them with jpg format.??

  7. Hello, please advice, i have been use retina screen and spider 4 also but i still have problem with differences colors when i open the pictures in other screens like mobiles or PC, how to avoid this and make them look stunning like in mine screen :S

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