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Top 10 Star Wars Facts You Probably Didn’t Know! – Viral Trends

Top 10 Star Wars Facts You Probably Didn’t Know!

Top 10 Star Wars Facts You Probably Didn’t Know! // Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Q2kKrD // TIMESTAMPS BELOW Be sure to visit our Suggest Tool and Submit Ideas …


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  1. OK, when the teen girls of people in "The Business" want some boy band to be in Star Wars cause they just love them so much OMG OMG OMG OMG, I get now why those prequels sucked. Started with good old George catering to brats and then it just kept snow balling.

  2. 3:19 Isn't that what eventually happens with Luke by the time of The Force Awakens?

    Wow, Darth Maul was originally going to be played by a James Bond villain henchman? In case anyone didn't know, Benicio del Toro appeared in the James Bond movie Licence to Kill, playing Bond villain Franz Sanchez's henchman, Dario.

  3. Number 1 fact should be:

    On January 11, 1977 Mark Hamill got into a car accident that fractured his nose and left cheekbone, so he needed plastic surgery. That is reason why looks so much different in Episode 4 and Episode 5, almost like another actor.

  4. I just hate how sites like these just spread rumors and falsehoods. Can anybody point me to any source that says Benicio del Toro, not only considered, but cast in the role and then left? The source for this doesnt appear. Not only that, but the story is absurd. First of all, Darth Maul was always to be the big fight at the end, and Lucas knew he needed choreography and artial artists. Why the hell would he even consider Benicio for such a role? Also, you say he was cast but didnt like the character didnt spoke. What, he accepted without even reading a script, or hearing the premise of what his character was (since the very beginning Maul was a monster type character that o ly comes out to terrorze the heroes)? I also have a problem with the Luke turning to the dark side story. The source for this is a Mark Hamill anecdote, but people extrapolate far too much from what he said. Luke turning was never, EVER, Lucas's intention, regardless of what others may have pitched him. Luke was going to look for his sister in VII, so he couldnt be evil at the end. Not only this, but the first script, dated February 1981, has no such "dark Luke" ending. Lucas wanted to build his ranch, so he wasnt going to make some controversial ending that hurt the success of the movie. At that point in time, he needed Jedi to be as big as the original movie was if he wanted to realize his dream of a ranch and a studio for it. Please, people, go to sources before believing half truths and made up stories.

  5. last fact lukes last name was starkiller but in the EU starkiller was the name of vader appreciate he was a sith assassin oh my God this character sounds super awesome well you can play him and the Force Unleashed and the Force Unleashed 2 he dies in the Force Unleashed but in Force Unleashed 2 you get to play as a clone

  6. 10: That I knew
    9: That I didn't know, but not surprised
    8:  That I didn't know.  That is awesome
    7:  That I didn't know.
    6:  That I didn't know.  Until I saw Guardians of the Galaxy, I didn't even know who the guy is.
    5:  That I kinda knew because of what a fan told me.
    4:  That I knew after I saw Star Wars Speed Dating.  Funny video, check it out.
    3:  That I knew.  And when I try to picture a Wookie in clothes, it's too stupid so I block it out.
    2: That I knew1: That I knew

  7. I thought being a HUGE Star Wars fan since the age of 3, I couldn't find any facts I didn't know, so I told myself if I could find one I'd give this a like, 3 and I drop a comment, well done Watchmojo!

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