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A Stolen Hour for Landscape Photography – Viral Trends

A Stolen Hour for Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography can be difficult. It is time consuming and often occurs at unsociable hours. In this video I manage to steal an hour and head out on foot to explore a close by woodland in Scotland.

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Kit used seen in this video. These are Amazon affiliate links. If you use these links to purchase any item from Amazon, I get a small percentage which helps support my work x x x

Canon G5X – http://geni.us/CanG5X
GPS Watch – http://geni.us/GarminFenix
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My full kit list blog: http://bit.ly/tomsgear

Stay Near – Henrik Olsson
Love for the Ocean – Martin Hall
Morning Will Dew – Gunnar Johnsén
All Downloaded from Here: https://goo.gl/DGwrJE


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Comments 48

  1. Serendipitous photography can provide some amazing compositions when least expected! The area you are in looked vaguely familiar, though it's been ~30 years since I lived in Scotland (Dunoon). Makes me realize that I must return for a fortnight or more, just to explore and shoot…:)

  2. Nice one Thomas. I'm lucky enough to live in Lochgoilhead and have even snapped that very tree in Cormonachan Woodlands! Come back in Spring when the bluebells are out. I'm still a newbie, but your videos are really giving me confidence and inspiration. By the way, the calendar is stunning – thanks for signing it!

  3. I loved absolutely everything about this video. So real, so personal. That's what makes you a great vlogger. A truely peaceful pleasure of mine is following you. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Thanks for this video, Tom. Maybe it was only the music, but it touched me deeply. Finding a good composition when having a much needed short time for yourself is the main goal of my spare time right now. … and I envy you!

  5. Thanks Thomas you have just inspired me. I loved your shot of the tree. I usually come back from such a walk dispirited, having found nothing. But now I am raring to go. Mind you, I know a lot of skill goes in to your compositions. It is not easy. Love the seal story. ?

  6. This might be my favorite video of yours. Not just because of the photography and finding an imagine just like that in the woodlands and the beautiful outcome, which is something i really struggle with. But because of the very personal touch. The drone scenes of you and your folks, combined with the music and the story about your grandpa really touched me. It gave this video so much more than "just" taking a photo. Everyone should cherish these moments as much as possible as they are more precious than any photo you could every take.

  7. Hey Thomas. It's great to see you on my local patch. I was out shooting on the other side of that Loch on Saturday, check out Corran Lochan the next time you're in the area. There's loads of potential in this area of Argyll and it was really good to see what you made of it. I was trying to get a good composition on a similar rowan tree next to the lochan. I'm always amazed at how you pick out your compositions. Great work as always. If you want a guide the next time you come up, let me know;-)

  8. I really enjoyed this, and it was a nice bonus to see you with your family. You're so lucky to have a father and grandfather to go fishing with. My dad is in his eighties now and I'm not sure he'd be safe in a boat at this point. Had to laugh about the Mavic though – I'm sure my dad would have his mind blown too 🙂

  9. Thomas signed calander has arrived looks great and the new packaging worked a treat. Can I ask you to do a video on how you come up with locations? Any tips much appreciated. Cheers, Jim

  10. Great video Thomas, and I was sucked in by your story, read your article in practical photography which I enjoyed it so much, got me so interested by this that I now subscribe to your channel keep up the good work

  11. Hey! This is awesome. I was given an awesome camera and have a great HD video camera but I am camera shy and have a hard time getting in front of it for a video like this. I am having troubles with depth of field. I can so 5.6 at 50mm but it never seems to make the background blurt enough. It looks like its slightly out of focus so it looks bad. The background doesn't look like the background. Also I wear glasses and my prescription is not up to date. (No money. As I said the camera was given to me. No way I could get it on my own) so manual focus is hard to get right. I have a d3100 with the lens that came with it. So auto focus doesn't always work nor does it work fast so I have to do it myself when trying to get a perfect shot. My photos seem slightly off and blurry. How can I fix that. Let me know if you get a chance. If not I still love your videos!

  12. These unplanned opportunities are often the best, as you don’t really have any expectations and you’re getting down simply exploring the place with the thrill and excitement of “will I find anything?”. What you found was a great shot and I liked how you didn’t try and capture the entire tree but instead came in close with the trunk of the one third line. A wonderful moment and a great chance to get out with the camera. Way to make the most of your trip Tom, thanks for sharing mate! ?

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