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Top 10 List of Most Dangerous Sports in the World – Viral Trends
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  1. OK guys for the people that say cheer isn't a sport isn't a sport or it's not that dangerous it actually is because there something called competitive cheer and it's more than just waving your pom-poms in front of a bunch of football players you tumble more than gymnast and stunt and if anything goes wrong in that stunt you can snap your flyers neck or paralyze them and you go around the country and compete and it's a big commitment and extremely dangerous

  2. are you flipping serious. Cheerleading is on here but not horseback riding. Cheerleaders cheer for the football team that does the hard work and equestrians are over her risking their lives because God knows that they could instantly kill us. Get it right people. Get it right. ??

  3. I'm still waiting for horse riding? ? I'd know how hard it is I almost killed myself about to years ago! And every time I get on my horse I'm taking the risk of my horse crushing throw my helmet and my head! When you motorcycle race and y'all fall y'all like take the risk of falling but you can feel when something is going wrong we equestrians have pertection but like that would help us if we're being squished ?

  4. Horse riding should be at number 4, at the very LEAST. It may not seem dangerous, as when your on a trail ride, well…those horses are usually very calm. Even then I can bet you there are some workers who are paranoid that a horse will take off or do something to the horses around it. I would know. However, equestrians need to be able to ride ANY type of horse, regardless of how they act. Sometimes people may not keep a horse because it's so much trouble to handle, but they can still ride it if they were to try. And bulls may have horns, but horses are bigger, heavier animals. Being stepped on one after being bucked off can cause death. Even when your not ON the horse death can occur. Horses weigh about a ton, don't tell me a bike falling on you is worse. Horses have a mind of their own, a fight or flight instinct. They will run from anything that scares them, regardless of the rider. That means running them over as well…

  5. For anybody that does not understand cheerleading is a sport. If you think about it yes in gymnastics nobody is there to catch but in cheer leading when they throw girls up in the air there going 30 feet in the air a balance beam is only 7 feet up we do flips in the air double backs and everything it is really affencive when people say cheer leading is not a sport

  6. So you put cheerleading in but not gymnastics in cheerleading you have people to catch you in gymnastics if you fall you fall nobody there for you and cheerleading isn't a sport.

  7. Sport: an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature, such as racing, horseback riding, baseball, basketball, tennis, gymnastics, golf, soccer, bowling, wrestling, cheer, boxing, hunting, fishing, etc… (sorry if I missed you're sport!! :p )
    Why are we limiting this to ten sports there are so many sports!!! We need a better scale with far more variety. What people are saying is basically that an activity is not a sport unless its in the Olympics and if it is in the Olympics their like well anybody can do that. I like to see those people try and ride a horse while he/she is loping or evening galloping they would probably fall off! A sport can be leisure, recreational, or full on competetive in my opinion. And BTW any sport can be dangerous and can result in death/catatrosphic injuries nevermind comparing the statistics.

  8. How could you not put "American Football" and Ice Hockey

    EDIT: Football recorded second in reported injuries behind basketball with 2,490,000 which trailed basketball by 100,000. sure it was second, however there is so much less people playing football than basketball that you are twice more likely to get injured playing football than any sport on this list. And rugby is not anywhere near as dangerous as Football the media and other people make it seem that way.

  9. bull riding or running isnt a sport. bull riding is ABUSE. i know that there's alot of abuse in EQUESTRIANISM, but a lot of it isn't (until upper levels) and should be at least #10. a lot of people think it isn;t hard or that its not a real sport but, i dont care whether you want it to be a sport, it technically is, and it IS hard. like, you think its easy and that you can do it? "okay do it then." id say that to you and hand you my horse, but you'd probably end up killing the horse, or the horse kills YOU out of your stupidity, so….lol

  10. I dont consider most of these sports. Ro some people they may be considered athletic events, but i think sports have to be competitive. Like cave diving, base jumping, and high altitude climbing, i dont think those are sports. Just my opinion

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