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Portrait Photography with Natural Light – Tips and a Story – Viral Trends

Portrait Photography with Natural Light – Tips and a Story

A week ago I had a group of photographers from Italy that wanted to photograph people in old villages from Romania. So I took them to Bucovina and Maramures regions. The portraits were made using only natural light which in most cases meant window light.

At some point we also had the chance of documenting the funeral ritual in Maramures with permission from the family. Here is the short story of that week and also some tips on photography portraits using only available natural light!

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Manfrotto 055Cx PRO3 with ball head 498RC2
Manfrotto 190cx PRO3 with ball head 498RC2

Circular polarisers on all lenses
LEE ND Gradual filters (1, 2 and 3 stops)
LEE Big Stopper
LEE Small stopper
Canon trigger
Triggertrap trigger
Gopro Black 4


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Comments 12

  1. I've read some of the comments below Toma and I can only agree with their sentiments and I congratulate you on this particular vlog. Very caring and informative in the way you have presented this to us. Well done mate yet again. !

  2. This has been an OUTSTANDING vlog, Tom, even by your standards. Today you show your sensitivity, compassion, heart and most of all, your joy for celebration of heritage in the lives of people. You show us that they matter, your care shows that you can be trusted. I honour you for what you reveal about yourself today; I admire you for the quality of the photography, I envy you for your composition.

  3. Hi Toma, I've subscribed and followed to your channel for quite a while, and your landscape images are excellent – however, in this vlog you have raised the bar by 100%. I'm really interested in Landscapes and rarely interested in Portraiture, but this has changed my mind – I just love your portraits of the working people, but it was the funeral picture that impressed me the most – you have captured it with clear sensitivity and I'm sure that nobody there, at a really sad time, was aware of your presence – a real skill. Exemplary work – thank you and more of this please.

  4. Hi Toma, really enjoy and learn a lot from your vlogs.  Long time subscriber.  Just wondering, what mobile aps do you use on your smart phone?  Do you use iPhone and if so, which apps?  Thank you. Please do keep up the great work.  We all really appreciate what you're doing.  Thank you.

  5. very interesting Tom. Those photos told a story about those people and the photos are very well executed. BTW, you did not rant, you explained your approach to portraits. Well done.

  6. HI Tom.
    Always enjoy your vlogs. Been a subscriber for almost a year now and have decided to stop lurking and instead, give more positive feed back other than a thumbs up. Well, as well as a thumbs up I should say.
    I love landscape photography and you certainly cover a lot of areas that make me want to get to your part of the world. Travel photography is something I do in my own province of Nova Scotia Canada where we have an abundance of forests, lakes and seascape opportunities. That being said, being able to photograph people going about their daily lives in the environment you have shown here is a rarity and only happens in living museums. This is a timely vlog as I had recently visited Fortress Louisbourg in Cape Breton NS and did exactly this type of p[photography with some great results. All natural light from windows and the Blacksmith shop images I took had minimal light from a small window and a door way and the weather was dreary with fog and rain. Luck that the forge was a good secondary source of light for my images.
    Anyway, loved your portraits and your series of the funeral, very intimate and touching. Tastefully done.
    Being able to connect with people of a different culture is just one more reason to travel to foreign lands. It's not always about the landscapes.

  7. Not being a portrait photographer, when I read the title of this vlog I thought I would find it uninteresting. Wow, was I wrong! Your choice of lighting and subjects made for images that captivated me. Keep up the good work, Tom. And enjoy your trip to the Dolomites.

  8. Thank you for the information. I haven't really been able to do much with portrait photography in any serious way, but I want to. Your information helped me to see opportunities and gave me some ideas on what I might be able to do, if I can get a willing subject. You have some really nice photos of people in their natural surroundings.

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