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Maybe I Should Quit. (Street Photography Fail) – Viral Trends

Maybe I Should Quit. (Street Photography Fail)

Vlog 88. Rough day of shooting. Maybe its time for me to quit street photograph. Camera used- Fuji xpro2.

dave east- maneuver
Homage beats- https://www.youtube.com/user/homage253/about
asap ferg- tango



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Comments 20

  1. 1) Never EVER delete photos right from the camera, the risk of card faliure is too great. Unless your life depands on that. And even than you are playing russian roulette…
    2) To quit??? Please pleaseee don't act like a spoiled millennial. That's not you, you are a hard worker, you don't quit. Rather take a pause for a week or event month and than start agin. And here's why; I work in a news agency. Before that I've worked in newspapers for decades. But one thing remains the same – editors was never ever eable to grasp the fact that they can't rely on any photographer to get them a good and fresh street photo whenever they want. A photographer can't allways predict what he will find in the street. It's just like fishing – you never know what you'll get…

  2. I think street photography is generally a fail UNLESS you go out with a plan of what you are looking to shoot. Maybe it's lighting or people or interesting frames etc, but you can't wander aimlessly, it never seems to work out. When you have a predetermined concept, your brain starts churning and gearing up to get creative to pull this concept out of your environment. You said it yourself, maybe landscape and cityscape are your thing. That's true because you make them your focus. Go to a street corner with a concept in mind you want to capture and you'll feel more productive than just showing up to do "street" photography, I promise.

  3. I had 10 bucks running on McGregor. I wasn't expecting him to win, but I wanted him to. Made the fight more enjoyable. I definitely think the refs were unfair, though. He should have won a lot more rounds, and I think it should have gone to 12 rounds also

  4. That sucks about the memory card, but I'd suggest keep shooting street photography. You're at the edge, if you keep going I'm sure you'll enjoy it a bit more and capture photos you love. Great video as always ?

  5. Street is difficult I will say that especially coming from mostly cityscape/landscape photography. I made the same transition myself 2 years ago and like you, I wanted to include a lot of the city's skyline in the street photo to showcase what a typical day in Atlanta is like. With time I realized though that the skyline tells it's own story where the people tell another. Street Photography is a lot like hunting, takes a lot of patience. Like someone mentioned earlier I've also gone on street photo walks for 4 -7 hours and only captured 1 photo I liked. There were moments in the video where you had a scene, but due to the time constraint you set were not able to capture the image you wanted. This may be because there are so many familiar locations in that area you want to get to within that 1 hour to see if something jumps out at you. Easiest thing to do is stand in one spot and wait. The good thing about street photography is that you can do this over and over again and no one will know the difference. As in you can visit the same location tomorrow and get a completely different photo. Try again as you may find it gets easier with time, and becomes much more fulfilling than cityscapes as no one can duplicate your street photos.

  6. Hey Evan. If you don't have anything ultra important on that card, try formatting it in camera, not thru computer, and then run a memory recovery program. I've seen that done and you can get some pics back more often than not. Just don't shoot with that card once you re-format it, and before you try Memory Recovery. Once you run the Recovery program, re-format it once more, again in camera, and see if you can still shoot with it. I believe either Sandisk or Lexar used to have a recovery software on their site, but it has been a while since I have needed to do that. Best of luck!

  7. My view on that always boils down to not quitting, just either give it a rest or change the scenery. Sometimes I push it a bit too much and that usually leads to fails and frustration. So I pause and do something else for a while. Other times (maybe most often), I realize I just need to stay off the beaten tracks and change setting. Not always practical or viable, I know. But it does pay off. So don't quit, just keep it flowing, but catch a different ride. ?

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