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Landscape Photography | Shooting Long Exposure Seascapes – Viral Trends

Landscape Photography | Shooting Long Exposure Seascapes

Vlog documenting an evening photographing long exposure seascapes on the Moray Coast.

Video shot in Findhorn, Scotland.

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All music used from Epidemic Sound


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Comments 37

  1. Yesterday i found your channel and watched this video. And today i used my free time to watch the rest of all your videos. Is is so much fun in to see them. Keep up the good work.
    Greetings from Germany, Dennis

  2. Hello from Australia …great VLog… keep up the great work… Like you photography is a means for me to get out and about and away from day job… I hope I can get out this weekend and shoot some shots too.. 🙂

  3. Well. I found your channel by complete accident & I'm very pleased I did. You don't need to be a pro photographer. Your attitude, accent & manner all mean far more than a lot of others. Thank you for your time. I've subscribed & will be looking for you again. Stay safe & well. My wife is Scottish but after 50 years in Australia I don't even notice it now. Thank you. Neville.

  4. New subscriber. You made the most of what was available (loved the 2 sec. image of the waves). You have a great attitude and infectious smile. Looking forward to more.

  5. For someone who is not a good photographer, as you claim, you take awfully good photos. And thank you for confirmation that the rumor I'd heard here in California, that the sun never shines in Scotland, is not true.

  6. Just wanted to say thanks for being inspirational. Having had a lovely holiday on Mull where I took some good (for me) images I returned home to the Cotswolds and have been unable to get motivated. You said in one vlog that people should just get out with their camera and do it. Stay within half an hour of home which for most of us will fit in with work and home. It is so obvious I should have seen it myself. Love the videos they are great, so too are the images. Thanks.

  7. Hi Kim, Stumbled across this vid and was pleasantly surprised to see to seeing you out photographing (and vlogging) around Moray. Good to hear a proper accent on YouTube for a change and enjoying the landscape here as much as I do. Have watched some of your others now and subscribed, look forward to seeing more in future. Great job!

  8. I've just come across your channel and I'm really impressed with your photography. Thank you for sharing your experiences and encouraging people to get out and enjoy the world!

  9. Your right…they are not the best shots in the world,but they are yours and ours to enjoy,so thank you.
    I don't believe I have ever seen or heard of the best shot in the world so relax and enjoy our wonderful hobby.

  10. HI Kim, just started watching your vlogs and love your enthusiasm and positive outlook about the landscapes you visit. One point I would like to make is to encourage you not to put yourself down with respect to the quality of your images. They are your images, your compositions and therefore made to make you happy. Keep up the great work, you are inspirational.

  11. HI Kim, a great location you have there, and th last two images just fantastic. Very much enjoyed you vid, your enthusiasm and honnesty. Beautiful. looking forward to the next one.

  12. This looks like a sensational location Kim, and you had some gorgeous light! It reminds me of a place close to my home where I haven't yet done a landscape vlog, so you've given me an idea for a future video. The peace and calm felt very familiar.  I love the style you have for your videos, I know it wasn;t your intention to vlog about landscapes but you might be on to something! 🙂

  13. Hi Kim. Another great video. Those images especially the last one were fantastic. Congrats on reaching 600+ subscribers, as I'm watching it say 1000 subscribers so even more congratulations are in order. Looking forward to your next video.?????

  14. Just found this video of yours. I can appreciate your disclaimer of perhaps not being the best photographer and not being a self proclaimed expert. Many on YouTube would not have had the courage to say that. However, actions speak louder than words as it's said. And your images are proof that you are indeed a wonderful photographer. Your personality comes shinning through right of the bat. You've balanced enough information on actually taking the photograph along with your pure joy of being outdoors. That I find inspiring and contagious. It's clear you know what your doing and your delightful personality tie's it into a very nice package. Well done Kim. We'll be on the lookout for your next video.

  15. Just subscribed, I think most people watching this will novices, would it be a good idea to explain what camera and setting you shoot with? You mentioned a filter ? It's not a criticism I just want to know how to get the results you do, as a novice I want to be able to move off auto ?

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