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Dan Aykroyd DESTROYS Paul Feig over GHOSTBUSTERS failure – Viral Trends

Dan Aykroyd DESTROYS Paul Feig over GHOSTBUSTERS failure

Check out the Blue Yeti Microphone today! (affiliate link) http://amzn.to/2suvr8d Finally, after 14 months of the fans talking trash about Paul Feig’s disastrous …


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Comments 35

  1. This movie was a piece of shit, because it was designed as a continuity in the GB world. It should've been a film with Murray and Akroyd and Moranis (and the black guy), with the addition of new younger characters related to them. Instead they just did a cheap unimaginative remake. Just pathetic and deserved to lose money. The ideal time for Ghostbusters 3 was long ago aswell. Should've come out in October 1999, for Halloween, and been about a story related to the end of the century/millennium, just a couple of months around the corner.

  2. The problem was that the original guys wanted to make the movie we all wanted but fieg gave us what no one gave two shits about other than bringing everyone together in hating on this reboot mess. Now me and my wife were discussing ghostbusters one morning as I'm sure most couples do , and although we are not big Hollywood writers we think we created the opening for the ghostbusters 3 movie we wanted to see. Picture this opening scene. Egons funeral , dark start I know but bare with me. All old cast return to pay respects to their fallen friend. We learn egon had a wife and one or possibly two kids who are grown up now and that his death was far from accidental in fact he was investigating a ghost problem from an old friend let's say Lewis or Dana and was killed by this ghost. Ray as a mentor to egons kids says we will get him for what he has done. Egons kid/kids say no WE will get him. Which sets up a torch passing story and I'm sure any true fan of the film could fill in the blanks from here. Like I said we are not Hollywood big wigs but I would bet money that had they made that movie we would have all been on board and riding the ghostbusters train to wherever it went from there. Just sayin! Great video with great points made by the way

  3. i wanted it to be good, i sat down, readied myself mentally to just go with the flow of it and maybe it would become a guilty pleasure movie or something, sort of like bridesmaids…oh god did that thought end quickly. where the physical comedy in bridesmaids me tear up from laughing so hard, ghostbusters 2016 was just pathetic. now im enjoying watching all of these hate videos for it because it was just THAT bad. i dont even watch hate videos of batman and robin because at least that one can be entertaining under the right circumstances

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You are usually so accurate, but Spider-man homecoming bombed too. Every Sony property you mentioned, Spider-man, Dark Tower and the Emoji Movie bombed. I think Columbia get's sold without the large franchises. Spider-man is sold back to Marvel/Disney, and Ghostbusters goes on the auction block. However, I think Disney might buy it. One their Disney DX brand has been exploding, and a Ghostbusters cartoon would work great there. Second, China won't play spiritual films, unless they are Disney, thanks to Disney's strong relationship with the Chinese government, see the theme parks and Doctor Strange. So I think everyone who freaked out that Disney was buying Marvel, then freaked out that they were buying Lucasfilm, will have to accept that they will also own Ghostbusters very soon. All because of Amy Pascal… What a joke she is.

  5. All the cast of the abomination called Ghostbusters where absolutely Terrible! This movie to us Ghostbusters fans consider this a movie that doesn't exist! It's not Ghostbusters it's just a big pile of shit!

  6. well i think that you could have a "all female" cast and have a diverse cast just get better actors to play them a better writer and a better person than feig or any equivalent of him and his Patsy.
    so in other words Feig is cancer and anyone close to him is done and they have a snowball's chance in hell getting anymore work right ?

  7. I thought it was a reasonably enjoyable movie but I am a huge fan of three of the leads. Having said that, as part of the "Ghostbusters" franchise it was awful! I don't know if a re-reboot would be good, maybe it is time to just leave it alone. Harold Ramis must be spinning like a top in his grave. Without his genius I don't see how they expected this to succeed.

  8. sony have spider-man and baby driver to save them. emoji movie is a failure. dark tower is a 50/50. flatliners going to be 30/70 hoping on ellen page star power only.

  9. GB1 was good, GB2 and everything after was shit. Ghostbusters, christ let it die already. Came here to see what Akroyd said specifically, as the title of your video highly suggests, and instead get a GB fanboy stuck in the 80's. SMN

  10. One of the biggest problems I had with Ghostbuster's is they made it a hard reboot.I think the story would have been a whole lot better if the girls were like, "You remember those guys who used to catch ghosts, well I think we can do that."

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