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Back To School Fails | Funny Fail Compilation – Viral Trends

Back To School Fails | Funny Fail Compilation

Summers coming to an end! Check out these hilarious school fails from AFV! Hope none of these happen to you! Back To School Fails | Funny Fail Compilation …


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  1. Oh wow. These schools are so different. You don't get school lockers in elementary school until you're 13. Like, teens are called "Yläkoululaiset" and under 13 year olds are called "Alakoululaiset" I can't really translate them, but Ylä (And other words.) means up. Ala means down. (And also other words.) And, you're in elementary school until the 7th grade, and then you go to high school. Finland is honestly a little different. I've heard that we have better education, but I'm not sure if It's true. I'm not sure if the rumor that we have the best schools is true either. I mean, yes. I go to a rich Finnish school, but I don't know what It's like in other schools.
    Also, I have always wanted a school uniform and things like that. I really love the TV show The Worst Witch. In Finnish, Noidista Pahin. But, because the dubbing is so hard here we don't even have season 2 yet. I am really waiting for it. I mean yes I could search from Youtube, but I would rather wait for the Finnish one + watch it from Netflix, not Youtube.


  2. Crying because he has to COLOR!! OMG!! My kids would LOVE to have to color for homework!! They are in 9th, 7th and 5th!! What'll he do when he has ACTUAL homework in a few years?!

  3. at 1:20, lets not hope she used a CO2 extinguisher for the gag.
    If she followed sceince and physics lessons, she would know CO2 released from high pressure like in a fire extinguisher would mean it is very cold.
    So cold in fact that at worst cases it could give you a mild frost bite.

  4. Did you know that the school education system in the U.S. is based off of working in factory's, kids walk in school, get told what to do, than go to the next class, and the next, and the next, and so on. just like a factory, kids cant follow their dreams and be unique because they comfortable being told what to do over and over, they don't run their own life they rely on others to tell them how to live, thus a factory education is taught all across the U.S. and other areas of the world as well i'm a pretty smart kid overall but right after a test i only remember like 20% of what i learned, test are all just grades teachers(and education) don't care if you actually learn the material as long as you remember it until the test, than after that they don't even care, and at the end of the year you are supposed to cram all the knowledge over the year into one test, just so you can move to the next grade and start the process over again, for roughly 17 years, and after the learning and your out the world clueless of what to do, all because you feel that you need to be told what to do. I hope someone who reads this will stand up against this education system or just tell someone else about it, i wish parents would listen to their children, im also NOT saying "ah flunk school man it fucking sucks bro", but they are doing it WRONG.

    ~copy and paste this across youtube EVERYWHERE so we can beat the shit out of the who ever the hell runs education (they don't care)

    ~the point is i cant pursue youtube because school sucks ass and homework is a punishment (fact: it was a long time ago)

    ~as always, don't listen to others, live your life however you want, make your passion a career, don't live sitting in an office and listening to your boss

    ~stay awesome ; )
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