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Top 10 Funny Judge Judy Moments [2017] – Viral Trends

Top 10 Funny Judge Judy Moments [2017]

Most funny Judge Judy Episodes, funny Judge Judy cases. Judge Judy is a SAVAGE. Best of Judge Judy funny moments compilation. ➜ Subscribe: …


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Comments 47

  1. The Looserds girl will always be number 1. And the after case comments from her were priceless! "He spit on me! He hit me with a belt." I have them down word for word.

  2. Lots of people do not like Judge Judy.. Of course she is very strict, she doesn't feel sorry for anyone, she can't stand people who play the victim, and she uses common sense.. She is open minded but not liberal like most leftists.. Also most people who don't like her are people who grow up with no responsibility values.. Only rights but no obligations.. I REALLY hope when Judy stops being a judge in 10 years time or whenever someone as strict as her will take over

  3. Big thumbs down for me. For any real JJ fan, this is very far from the ten funniest moments. We kniw many of the moments here by heart, and we know the funniest ones by heart, and it's a totally different list.

  4. Watching Judge Judy rip apart everyone in her court room is hilarious but I do have to call you out on the 2017 headline in your video.
    The guy who was laughing the whole time thinking it was funny wasn't 2017. I saw that episode a few years ago. I'm super confident it's from 2015 or something

  5. My toilet broke. Of course I can pay for it. My contract is 47 million dollars with CBS you moron…and I took them to court…told the deal maker..i don't negotiate..and I'll take you to the court..I'm not looking at your envelope because then that would be a negotiation..and THIS is not a negotiation. Pay me my 47 million dollars. CVS paid it! Judge Judy. Bad Bitch!

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