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Top 10 Countries Infamous for RELIGIOUS Persecution – Viral Trends

Top 10 Countries Infamous for RELIGIOUS Persecution

The multiple, controversial attempts to ban immigrants and refugees from Syria has had millions questioning how much the United States of America lives up to …


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Comments 44

  1. Honestly context would have made this list a lot more clear. You can't just say "persecution began in xxxx" without at least saying what the kick off reason was for that particular example.

    (Sidenote, I'm not referring to the concept that religions hate each other by default, there's always a spark that sets the blaze, be it a Christian trying to convert the wrong Muslim, a Muslim takes over a plane or a government official needing a minority to scapegoat.)

  2. The problem with immigration into America from other cultures is not religion but lack of assimilation. Immigrants coming in do not get the shared sense of American "values" because they never truly become American. Instead they find an area with a large community of their countrymen and settle down, this becomes a breading ground for "home grown" terrorism.

  3. religion. . . . . nothing but trouble, at the end of the day, no matter what religion it is, it's just a story book. grow up people, might as well worship harry Potter.

  4. No wonder a video with such a title would attract mostly racist, islamophobic, xenophobic bigots. But, before you post, maybe watch the video first. You can see that Muslims are being persecuted as well. You can clearly see that not ONE religion is to blame. It is rather bigotry that causes all this. Also, your misanthropic mentality might cause you to think 'no wonder this happens to these underdeveloped third world countries, the west is nothing like this'. Well, most of you live in the West and you think like this, so the west is somewhat like this.

  5. China almost have it right they just need to town it down a little.
    I have no problems with religions in any country as long as they follow the rules of the country. They should not be treated differently and they should not have special privileges just because they have an invisible friend and own a copy of a holy book.
    If they pay their taxes follow the laws in exactly the same way everyone else does and they don't bother or harm anyone, leave them be.
    Treat everyone equally.
    Treat no one as special unless there is a confirmed Scientific explanation as to why you should. Such as a medical issue.

  6. Hmmm. Notice how there is a lot of Islamic/Buddhist violence, and while there was one instance of Orthodox Christian violence, there was nothing grander than that. Speaks volumes.

  7. This is why civil rights are so important. Regardless of who is in charge, the urge to persecute is always there. The only difference between the U.S./ England and the rest of the world is one side of the equation is willing to admit to their sins.

  8. As a mexican, I feel compelled to clarify:
    the problem dont begin (in our case) with religion, but with a kind of communitary service we call "tequio" here. Basically, whenever a indigenous town needs something that requires physical labor (like building a clinic, a school) every able men from 6 to 60 needs to work in it. The problem begins when the converts (who dont want to be involved in tequio cause they claim it is a catholic tradition) want to use the facilities they didnt help to build.

    That way, isntead of tolerate a legal process that would in any case favor the objectors, the towns decide to simply expulse them.

  9. you didn't mention Falun Gong in China. the government has been committing a genocide against them since the 90s and some estimates put it at holocaust levels of death.

  10. I kinda love watching how the US is getting flak for refugees while the Middle Eastern shitholes keep bombing whoever isn't in their sect. Ahhh religion…. never understood the whole "you don't believe in my imaginary friend so you must die".

  11. Religion is stupid and detrementalnto human progress. Christian muslim whatever they should all get together and eradicate themselves so our species can move forward to a better future.

  12. stop blaming religion for killing people, religion is just an excuse people use to commit acts of violence even without religion people would still kill each other they would just use another excuse. this is just human nature.

  13. So no saudi arabia, which does not allow any other faith and declared atheists as terrorists?? How about pakistan, yemen or qatar?? They all have blasphemy and apostasy laws and persecute minorities. Mexico is worse than these countries lol. You have got to be kidding.

  14. China is one of the few smart countries in the worlds,
    it labels all religions as cults, and say they work in a disruptive manner!!!
    and even the chinese have a muslim problem, but they handle it in a much better way!, they simply send the army!. and than it crushes the pigs!.

  15. And Americans have a cow and scream that they're being persecuted if you say 'Happy Holidays' instead of 'Merry Christmas', or is Starbucks changes their cups…

    I have family that died in the camps in Siberia- I know damn well I'm not being persecuted. Though I have to say, as an Episcopalian, those cups ought to be Marian blue or purple. 😉

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