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POLL: Who Is To Blame For Trump’s Electoral Victory? – Viral Trends

POLL: Who Is To Blame For Trump’s Electoral Victory?

Vote now in this public poll: https://www.patreon.com/posts/who-is-to-blame-14043604 A new study this week re-opened old wounds from the 2016 Presidential …


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Comments 46

  1. The Democrats are to blame. The put up a candidate that had the worst chance of winning. If they would have treated Bernie Sanders like a member of their group and put him up against Trump hands down Bernie wins. Trump vs Hilary two worst candidates ever.

  2. It was the under educated people that bought into Trump's con. He played on their fears and they ate it up like fly's on shit. Hilary Clinton won the popular vote, but because the US still uses the outdated electoral college, they gave it to the loser for the second time. The electoral college needs to be abolished. If the popular vote means nothing, why have an election?

  3. People don't trust Hilary.Too many people hear about Hilary receiving "Kick backs" from big businesses in order for her to make favorable policies to benefit their businesses and they don't trust Hilary as far as they could see her.

  4. I would say that the crooked DNC played a big part.
    They knew at the time of the primary that Sanders was the Only one who could beat Trump because Hillary has such a sketchy past.
    So they know and decided that they would rather have trump than a progressive.
    I'm glad to know that the Bernie voters were cancelled out by Republican defectors.
    I'm tired of the DNC's lies and accusations at progressive Democrats. We used to be Democrats base.

  5. After looking at the poll, I think it's largely Hillarys fault but also the DNCs fault. And the medias fault for giving Trump free air time. And a little bit of James Comeys and Russian interference. I guess what I'm saying is it isn't all just one person or one groups fault, there's shared blame to go around. However I do NOT think it's Bernies fault in any way. If he had never entered the race to begin with, his supporters wouldn't have voted for $hillary anyway.

  6. We (America) need to look in the mirror. Opportunists are always available for any wavering uninformed voter. I would hazard that core values swung the vote and that is a wake up and an indictment. Raise your youth in a culture of violence, steep them in competition via sports, tell them it's so we can learn to get along, it's what's happening. They will know nothing and will be coachable. Hush, it's the Pledge of Allegiance.

  7. The DNC is totally, clueless, out of touch with the American people. You assholes, supported the phoniest, cold, war monger, corporate Democrat, hated her, I thought Trump was a stupid, narcissistic, pathological liar and full of shit Both of these candidates were despicable.

  8. Due to Hillary hubris and her arrogance, she opened her fat mouth and attack Trump supporters and called them the Deplorable. This galvanized GOP and draw out voters in drove. That pretty much had sealed her fate in those key states that she though she had it in the bag. Not to mention the campaign was ran by overpriced and over educated village idiots without a clue nor common sense.

  9. simple Trump won not because he was so smart but because a LOT of Americans were so stupid because they have attitudes that belong in the 50s and would rather vote for a toilet plunger or maybe even a fridge rather then a woman.

  10. Wait? So 12 percent of Sanders supporters voted for Trump rather than Hillary in the general election? Ummmm…how do we know that that 12 percent would ever have voted for Hillary in the first place had Sanders not been in the primary? Sanders brought appealed to a lot of "independents" and even some conservatives (likely as a lesser of evils, but still…) Surely a decent portion of the 12 percent came from those folks???? Should we even mention that in some aspects candidate Trump ran to the left of candidate Clinton, which would understandably appeal to non corporatist, normally Dem-leaning voters?

  11. Who is to blame ? In order I would say :
    Hilary for not having strong social-economic agenda, only pointing DRUMP's badness, taking rustbelt states vote as sure thing.
    DNC for rigging the primary and supporting corporations rather than poor and middle man.
    Media for giving DRUMP tons of coverage, even with empty stadiums while Bernie had enormous crowds.

  12. Who Is To Blame For Trump's Electoral Victory?
    WE ARE. the great, proud citizens of the USA. YEAH america is finally getting better for the first time in my life, i am so proud of our great president. vote for Mr. Donald Trump in again! 2020

  13. The answer is very simple, people are hurting and want change! The DNC shit on Bernie and the corporate media totally ignored him. Trump promised the moon and Clinton was just more of the same. We all know Bernie would have won hands down if the election really was a fair fight… but it wasn't! The winners? Corporate America!!! Money out of politics is the only answer

  14. I get that Bernies buddies wouldn't vote for Hillary, i woludn't have myself, but i can not for the life of me understand how in the name of everything you can go from Bernie to the Drumpf??? The orange disaster was a total opposite of Bernie, he was so vague that a child could see that he was lying, where as Bernie was accurate and to the point telling as precisely as possible what he wanted to do.
    Was it vengeance against est. dems.?
    If so that was the most shortsighted vengeance i've ever seen! To get worse you would have to assassinate Hillary on her inaugeration day.

  15. Hillary message was weak and nonexistent. She didn't get the younger people excited to vote for her when she went on tv and say how to pity the millennials saying that they were uneducated.

  16. The Constitution is to blame. "We the people…" voted for Hillary Clinton to be our president. Nearly 3 million more of "We the people" did not want Trump to be president. But, "We the people" are governed by rules that were made in 1787!

  17. ??this is very disappointing this is not about Hillary or Barney, u idiot!! Hello!! I hope u guys and I realized very soon
    This orange guy,is very bad for are kids future democracy.

  18. well Ring Of Fire, your poll has "server error" when i try to vote.

    but there are SEVERAL REASONS that COMBINED together, to form the "perfect storm", to ultimately allow the Drumpf win.

    a more accurate & informative poll, would perhaps ask for each person's top-3 reasons, in order of 1, 2, 3, for each voter in the poll.

    for me:
    #1. registered voters who simply did NOT vote in 2016 general election

    #2. anti-Hillary Fake News, spread for years leading to election, by all the MANY right-wing hate based propaganda "News" outlets in America, AND even more anti-Hillary Fake News spread all over social media by Russian efforts, throughout the campaign.

    #3. Hillary's poor campaign & message

    PS – the Ring Of Fire Poll, does NOT even list my reason #2 above…. and IT WAS ONE OF THE BIGGEST FACTORS, that brainwashed millions of Independents voters, and caused MANY to vote for Drumpf, thinking Hillary was even worse than Drumpf.

  19. Progressives allowed Reagan, Bush and now THIS idiot in office! If you're a FUCKIN Democrat be a DEMOCRAT!! The Tea Party STILL voted Republican along with all of these ignorant racists this past election, STAYED Republican!!

  20. To answer your question without polling – hacking was the reason Trump won. He's literally said it on camera. He just said he was joking about it (- Trump said this). I'm pretty sure we won't here about it, fully, until he's out of office and an opposing party wants to spill the beans. Not just hacking, but a large amount of hacking changed the information and the way the news was handled leading up to voting in 2016.

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