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Landscape photography, wild camping and hiking is what we get up to in this episode. I have the pleasure of showing fellow photographer and Youtuber, Brendan van Son around the Lake District National Park. I give some tips about long exposure photography and using a long lens to photograph the landscape.

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Comments 26

  1. Hey Tom,

    I regret You and Brendan didn't get on…

    You need a ball cap to wear ass-backwards like the rest of us. Reckon Pauly G (Johnson) will front you one of his? Or, let me know and I'll send you one from Twangtown, uh, …Nashville. You have my e-mail, just request it, but I get to choose!

    The long lens yielded great pics. The choice of the longer glass contributed mightily
    to the minimal. Easy on the eyes…


  2. Another great video, maybe you could get Brendan to host you in Canada. A workshop in Banff perhaps? Some great landscapes and some of the wildlife you talked about last Sunday.

  3. Collaborations such as this do create lifetime friendships. They are priceless reflections in ones career. In my days as a pro photographer I had the privilege of working alongside a Hasselblad Master on a number of commercial assignments. The friendship transcends beyond the created photographs. It sure is nice to see two young image makers at play. It brings back incredible memories. Thank you Thomas. In fact, I shared a commercial studio in Sydney with an Englishman who reminds me so much of you. He since has returned to London to continue his career as a landscape photographer. You should catch up and share a beer. His knowledge is priceless. I've include a link to his work. I hope you don't mind.

  4. Watched this channel for a few years now. OK a couple. Great tips, great shots, and the comedy from who ever that other guy was – was a new element! But what really provokes this comment is clearly the quality brew your endorsed "Special Brew" – I am impressed clearly  making pennies with your SquareSpace endorsements – now you're in the brewing big leagues.

  5. How far did you leave your car from the place where you made this video? do you leave your car in a "safe place" or just a random-nice place? Every time I go out far away, I'm always afraid that something could happen to my poor lonely car. 🙁

  6. great video Thomas, and also very nice to see Brendan make an appearance! I really hope to visit the UK one day and perhaps be lucky enough to meet you! Out here in the Canadian Rockies there is a great deal of dangerous predators, so it would be nice to have the peace of mind when setting up the tent ?

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