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Is Nikon FAILING?! “Extraordinary Losses” – Viral Trends

Is Nikon FAILING?! “Extraordinary Losses”

Today, Nikon issued a “Notice of Recognition of Extraordinary Loss,” cancelled 3 new cameras they announced over a year ago. Also, the key feature in their …


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Comments 45

  1. Here's a video of me trying to make SnapBridge work: https://youtu.be/WZXdPudztQs

    More suggestions I forgot to include in the video:
    * Drop all but the top-end Coolpix cameras
    * Drop the Nikon 1 series (officially)
    * USB charging on ALL bodies
    * Higher-res images with pixel shifting (requires sensor stabilization, like Pentax, Olympus)
    * Flip out screens on everything
    * DON'T introduce a new lens mount. If you want to do FF mirrorless, use the F-Mount, and just have the mirror box empty
    * Automatically convert & scale raw images for snapbridge
    * Put a SIM card in their and sync (some version of) images to Creative Cloud. Requires a partnership with Adobe & wireless service providers.
    * Return to producing lenses for other companies, including Canon, Sony
    * (via Nigel Holland) Build cameras that use your smartphone as the rear screen. Would require interchangeable grips that perfectly fit your specific model of smartphone, so we aren't fussing with some system like DJI uses to grip the smartphone.

  2. When they come out with the next version of the D5, they need to put AC wifi in there and have native wireless tethering to Lightroom. If they continue with the momentum they have with the D850, they'll be in a good state

  3. Completely changing user interface has been tried. Microsoft knows something about it: windows7 > windows8 -> windows 8.1. It is IMO a bad idea. Give it as a choice fine. Force it – you'll lose current customers with no guarantee others would come.

  4. Nikon should make something like the Alpha-Series from Sony but with F-Mount compatibility. This would be really good for them, as many F-Mount Lenses are on the Market. They would have a competitor to Sony but with a lot more Lenses available, then Sonys E-Mount.

  5. Very good analysis Tony. I feel that there's too much conservatism within Nikon, old dinosaurs making the larger business decisions a la Japanese way. They need to get some new creative blood into their company. If you don't created a creative sandbox space for the young talents, they will leave your company. I shot Nikon for several years but beeing in the IT sector myself I saw more and more old/wrong decisions and jumped ship in 2012 going mirrorless.

  6. All of these suggestions would be SLAM DUNKS to keep Nikon going. Sadly, I don't have much faith they are or will listen and every year my DSLR is fearing more heavy and less necessary

    Me personally, I'm not going to further invest into Nikon. I'm not that excited about the d850 at this point, a EVF would have pushed me over the edge to keep upgrading.

  7. I see a lot of Mirrorless comments. Canon and Nikon aren't losing share to mirrorless. If you look at the sales charts, the DSLR's are going down but its not the mirrorless cameras that are eating them. Sales of Mirrorless Cameras are flat for the last few years. It is the smartphone cameras that are eating seriously into the point and shoot and aps-c markets.

  8. I forgot to mention the partnership between Leica and Huawei. I'm typing this comment on a P10 with the co engineered phone camera. Nikon could partner with another phone manufacturer and license their expertise in lens technology.

  9. Tony, your thoughts on hiring practices is interesting, but I think it goes beyond that, they should look at opportunities to partner with other brands. For example, they could partner with Tesla on engineering and manufacturing imaging components for its self driving technology. It could do something like what Leica did when they partnered with the Italian luxury designer Moncler.

  10. I wonder how robust their knowledge transfer programs are? If a lot of that retirement attrition was senior engineers and scientists then that organization is looking at a brain drain. However, it seems to me there is an undercurrent here of Nikon trying to become more agile and innovative in other areas of imaging. Large organizations often use attrition programs more to try and change the organizational culture than necessarily to just reduce wages and related. However, they will need to ensure their knowledge transfer programs have been implemented in the last 5-10 years to reduce the shock of brain drain.

  11. Months after it first came out I watched this video again. At the end Tony suggests Nikon scrap the D3000 series and beginners should buy the D5600 instead. That camera, in England, is over £650 with the 18 55 kit lens, over £200 more than the D3400. Not dollars but Pounds Sterling. No one is going to buy Nikon as a first camera, they will all buy the cheaper Canon.

  12. I'm sure you know Tony that the problem with big Japanese companies like Nikon is their management structure. All the guys you might have meetings with, have no power. They all have to report back to middle aged men who then have to report to a few older men and all the decisions will be made by them. You're absolutely right by saying they need young creative software people and give them autonomy. This though goes against everything Japanese companies believe in.

  13. Grrrrrrrrrrrrreat review, Tony! And I agree with EVERYTHING you said Nikon needs to do in the upcoming future. My only other gripe is that I wish they'd make their lcd screens a "totally detachable and FULLY FUNCTIONING Field Monitor"… IT'S JUST PLAIN OLD COMMON SENSE! This is extra money Nikon could be pocketing themselves, instead of making us spend hundreds on Android gear, and then another $10 on a camera app just to access camera functions our on-screen display already show us… JUST MAKE THE F**KING SCREEN DETACHABLE ALREADY, and charge an extra $110 for the Nikon cameras that have this feature! Maybe I'm crazy for thinking this way, but this makes total sense to me and don't understand why no camera manufacture has thought of this already, but it would be great if Nikon was the first to implement it.

  14. 4k camera point and shoot.  Sensor that has 6 sades of black and rbg. billion of colours. in body better then lightroom correting photos.  10 times opticial.  and the 40 times opticiall. this will really kick ass and all for $300 to $500

  15. I own a Nikon D750 and recently contacted the Nikon support, because I am trying to download my raw files to my iPad to view and edit them in Lightroom mobile.

    The D750 is only supported by the WMU app. That app can only download one raw file at once. If you download more than one file they are automatically converted to jpg…
    Furthermore you have to select every picture manually. There is no way to select a range of pictures. So I contacted the support, because I thought that I missed something… But sadly that's the way things are right now. And they couldn't even tell me whether they have plans for an update. I personally highly doubt that.

    So at the moment I am looking for a third party app to download the pictures from my camera, but it looks like I have to get an SD card adapter for my iPad and ignore the built in wifi, because it's useless. -.-

  16. I think making there cameras look allot more retro and allowing creative minds to help ante up the fun to there hardware by adding apps, and adding eye auto focus to there viewfinders could be a game changer. Overall Tony, I think your a very clever and thoughtful for taking the time to make such a detailed review on how to help a struggling company.

  17. The camera manufacturers are in direct competition with the cell phone industry. I personally have an ASUS Zenfone 3 with a 5.5 "HD touchscreen, an outstanding camera and also 64GB of internal memory. I paid $ 879 + tx (CAN) for a D5500 body only, I have no lens, no HD screen and most importantly, no internal memory, I still have to pay for a memory card. Now, to be able to use my D5500 I have to pay for lenses. I paid $ 492.43 taxes included for my Zenfone 3 and I can do anything, even communicate, bluetooth, wifi, nfc, instagram, facebook and so on. Conclusion, cameras manufacturers are going to have to give a lot more for a lot cheaper. My mobile camera is a 4.2mm, f/1.7 (imagine 1.7, canon would ask at least 3000$ for a lens like that), it goes down to ISO 40 and have a shutter speed up to 1/15000s… whoa, there is a challenge!!!

  18. Such an amazing work and video!
    I am with Nikon and this video really helped me to see the situation! I am really hopeful for Nikon because as you said they are really trying to shift!

  19. Tony, thanks for sharing this. Fantastic video for my awareness! I know you will have many comments to read but my comments below based on my recent experiences:

    I feel Nikon should more look into integrating their DSLR model cameras to social apps like – instagram or may be a facility to upload the photos to cloud like – amazon drive / iCloud/Google Drive.
    These days, the amount of photos people are taking, its hard to store on a PC or MacBook with HDD of 512 GB. Most people these days are looking at storing their photos in Cloud directly. Because relying on hardware is getting little these days for various reasons – damage to hardware, theft etc.

    I have been using Nikon D90 since 7 years and since i broke it recently, I'm thinking of switching to Nikon D750 and I was delighted when I heard that there is WiFi feature in Nikon D750 but not sure how efficiently its gonna work.


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