How To Make Money Selling Stock Photography

In this video, I discuss some of the ins and outs of Stock Photography. I explain what it is and how you can go about selling your images online through a stock …


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  1. Hi there, can i ask something please

    Is there any advantage in joining stock companies?
    If i was to join several, does that mean i cant upload the same image to all accounts?

    Thanks for sharing this video

  2. Nice video. I was interested in making passive income by selling stock photography, and a good portion of my photos were going to be tattoos on my body. I have a total of 26 all together, but I feel about 5-7 would be worth some money. Anyway, I told this idea to a couple people earlier today and they said since I personally didn't create the tattoo, then it wouldn't be technically mine to put on the internet. Even though it's on my body, and I came up with the concept, I was told I couldn't make a profit off of them. If you could clarify this for me as a second opinion, I'd appreciate it. -Thanks

  3. Hi Anthony … I really appreciate this video and will definitely be going to your website and watching some of your tutorials. I've been looking at Shutterstock to start and am a little confused about the different plans they have for selling as a contributor. Can you comment on which is the best way to go to recommend a place to find out more about this?

  4. I dont get it?If I sell photo on one of those website can I use it again for my self and post it somewhere or I cant?Are websites owner of my photography or me?

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