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Actors Insane Meltdown On Airplane | TMZ Live – Viral Trends

Actors Insane Meltdown On Airplane | TMZ Live

The guy who played Eazy-E in “Straight Outta Compton” had a complete meltdown Sunday on a Delta flight … because the airline double booked his seat.


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Comments 34

  1. See how they try to make blacks look bad an thats fucked up…that man paid his money like every body els an fuck O.J he aint got shit to do with it an if that was one of those fucking crackers it wouldn't been a problem an i, think its fucked up all TMZ do is make famous black people look like animals sick of that shit..#suck my dick TMZ

  2. if he wanted to sit in first class so bad why did he not just wait for the next flight where there was a seat, i mean jesus Christ was it a life or death situation to get to vegas. I think he was pissed because he thought someone should of been made to give up thier seat because it was beneath him to sit in coach, this is his biggest problem……he was making people uneasy and a lot of people are nervous flyers and don't want to hear anyone screaming in their phone. i wouldn't, he turned it into more then it needed to be so he got kicked off which in his mind I'm sure he felt it was a race issue, no you are just being an asshole.

  3. People who are in a shared space need to respect each other. Just because he was in a movie doesn't allow him to treat people with disrespect,and if he is going to be in more movie's I guess this won't be the last we see of him on TMZ. Self entitled people

  4. See….this I am glad he didn't get charged, but….when I was on a plane last time this how I feel. Flight Attendant was all in my face as I were seated quietly (minding my business) like she was really trying to instigate a fight with me. That was December 2016. Hope someone will treat her the same way, and whoop her badge off. It was not nice. Yes, I'm cinnamon melanin, & Muslim Hijab on, but you can see my face.
    Just trying to get home after meeting my new nephews…

  5. 1st to comment…..flying makes ppl crazy. I wouldn't tell ppl nothing. Ppl will get crazy with you. Why are you comparing Jason Mitchell to OJ Simpson. OJ is an aquitted accused murderer and convicted armed robber and this young lost his cool and is probably having an anxiety attack. Always trying to compare and group in the same class. The only thing they have in common is their race.

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