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Photography websites. You have questions, I have answers. Excellent questions this week by the way!

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Ted Forbes
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My name is Ted Forbes and I make videos about photography. I’ve been making photographs most of my life and I have a tremendously deep passion for photography that I want to share with you on YouTube.

The Art of Photography is my channel and I produce photography videos to provide a 360 degree look into the world of making images. We all want to get better so lets do this together!

I make videos covering famous photographers, photography techniques, composition, the history of photography and much more.

I also have a strong community of photographers who watch the show and we frequently do social media challenges for photographers to submit their own work. I feature the best and most interesting on the show when we do these so come check it out and get involved!


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Comments 40

  1. Hi Ted. Thanks for yet another great video. I very much agree that its very difficult to see ones own work objectively, so whilst I'm too far away to buy you lunch, I was wondering if you (or any of your fellow subscribers) had the time to take a brief look at my website (tomradenz.com) that I just started building and give me some feedback as so which bits may have potential and what not – so far photography has only been a small hobby and I'm hoping to somehow do it more professionally one day. best wishes, Tom

  2. I would like to express my worries about the fact that you are leaving your own photography somewhat static for the sake of doing these videos. I do love your show, but I wonder how this will affect the quality of your future videos. Just a quick thought, I of course love your show, so far. I wouldn't mind however to be watching less material coming up while you develop more as a photographer.

  3. I personally believe "photodeck" is the best…i use photodeck as my website builder..and its too easy to set up (I am in no way connected to photodeck). My website "www.icestudioonline.com…(i m not the best photographer out there, but this will show u how easy it is)

  4. But what if photography is not your profession but just your passion and you are an amateur, so you don't need a website to sell your work, but just it as simple 'showcase'? How could/should that website layout be?

  5. I found your channel through a Gopro session hero reviw video and I got hooked 🙂 As someone who develops websites (and all type of software) professionally, I agree with most of the things you say in the video. For me a website is a must for any type of profession, nowadays if you do not have an online presence or appear on Google, you don't exist. The difference between a website and social media, as I see it, is that the first always is seen as more "professional" and that you can create it as you want (sections, pages, content, videos, images, blog…). Social media is important, but for me you should have both (web + sm). Anyway, great topic, I will wait around for your next Q&A 🙂

  6. Enjoyed your answering the Q's that came up. Perhaps Fridays are too rigid, but when you do this every so often, can you group the questions so they relate? This being the first Q&A, it was fairly tight, but as you go further, it may tend to disperse (the content of the questions).

  7. My 2 cents on social media vs a website:
    well, you asked What if instagram (for example) is no longer 'hot', and people move elsewhere. It doesn't happen overnight, if at all. Tumblr, for example, has been there for years and I don't think you will wake up tomorrow and find it gone, or a deserted place. you will realize that there are new platforms growing and Slowly grabbing people's attention and interest instead. And then it's possible for you to take what you built there and move it to the new platform. Social media has its perks or pros, in that it is Social, and will definitely get visited. Whereas your website depends on other factors- maybe..yes.. social media. Like put your link on your instagram profile, then you know people might click it. or on your FB page, etc. So I don't see it as one vs the other. it's actually one serving the other. even your website can draw people to your IG or FB or blog.
    Websites offer things that you can't do on any or most social media platforms. For example showing Big images. something you can't do on IG, where the quality of the photo is reduced and compressed. IG can rarely do photos justice. Another thing, you can divide your work in a number of sections or categories, which is hard to do on Tumblr or IG. So you have one group of work for 'portraits', another for 'fashion'.. or Street photography.. weddings.. whatever it is that you shoot. Then of course the ability to add a Bio or Resume section.
    it's not either or. Get both and make them serve each other.

  8. I am using squarespace for second year and it's not working for my needs. I mostly used to for presentation non commercial work and I have 8 dollar per month deal and it's limited. I cant code, its blocked, for squarespace there is no free service for custume domain e-mails, I have limitation of 20 different pages….and I cant just update to unlimited 20 dollar version + google 9 dollar for bussines e-mails…

  9. MY BLOG IS ESSENTIAL to my business. Most of my business comes from people who have visited my site first and often the blog and nothing else. I use social media to promote my website content, but the site itself actually receives more hits daily than my social media posts. I use squarespace and love it. I check the analytic stats daily and receive about 100 new hits a day even if I post nothing on social media. Most of that is because of blog content and SEO. I have a friend who graduated from photo school and only promotes himself with instagram and a site with no blog…he's struggling hard with his business though he produces amazing work.

  10. Timely video….I never get work through social media, but I do sell the bulk of my prints through it. Pretty much all my day to day jobs are through old contacts, recommendations and word of mouth. However, the photographers in the same field of me are getting the bigger jobs (that I would like) directly through Google Searches, my site really underperforms as I never really bothered to concentrate on it i so I am currently having the SEO done on my site (of which I managed to negotiate with a print trade!). I think its mega important to have all fractions tight, and also have them all talking to each other…. and never underestimate the power of a nicely printed business card 🙂

  11. Hi,

    I recently discovered my passion for photography.
    So I think it's time to invest in a new camera, but I don't know that to choose?
    Can you please advice me about what camera should I get? My budget: 750$.

    Thanks for your advice.

  12. i bought a pixma pro 100 just so I can make prints for people and make my own portfolio. i think that picture in hand with no way to swipe it away or shut it off causes your potential client to focus on the photo.

  13. Great video as always Ted ….

    Listen, and apologies for using your YT channel to promote this …. A fellow photography in my circles had a life changing accident a few weeks ago … A few photographers are doing whatever we can by putting together an online auction with ALL image sales going towards a small fund to help Marc (the photographer) in whatever way we can ..

    A simple tweet out from your twitter stream may be enough to get a few more eyes on the auction ….

    Again sorry for using the public comments here for this …. Wasn't able to find an email address for you 🙂


    thanks in advance and keep up the great work ….


  14. My approach to determine which are my best images is the Pulse score each image achieves through 500px. The advantage is the Pulse comprises input from many people, and I have no personal input into the pulse apart from my uploaded images. Over time, the Pulse settles down and I occasionally will tabulate the pulses for all the images to determine the best, totally free from my personal bias.

  15. Hi Ted,

    I was wondering about whether you could make a video that explains slightly more technically how a film actually works. How it reacts to light, what exactly a developer is doing etc. As a theoretical physicist I love to understand these things, but I'm not sure if others find it interesting. Thanks for this great channel.

  16. You need a "Business of Photography" channel to cover the inevitable questions and answers on how to get money from photography. Photography isn't ever going to be a business for me, so all the discussion around it is not relevant. I tune out a bit on the business discussion.

    That said, I do have a Koken site setup on Digital Ocean ($5/mo) to share with those that find out about the hobby and ask about it. I also have a lively Flickr account.

    So Ted, how does having a website advance the art of my photography rather than the business of it?

    Seems like a shitty question but I'm serious. You talked about the business of it, which is cool, but are there any non-business reasons?

  17. I'm still using film 100% but I am working on my portfolio and will be scanning everything in and setting up my first website. I don't know if you've ever touched on this or not but I would be curious how you protect your work from plagiarism once it is in a digital format. I'm 34 but I still live in an analog world in many ways and this is one issue that has kept me from going digital.

  18. Thanks for opening this discussion, and sharing your thoughts on my question. I think you raised a great point, and I certainly value your input.

    This certainly has been a challenge for me, and something I go back and forth on a lot. My personal work is still in the realm of still life, but it aesthetically very different than my still life commercial work., but I currently show my personal work because I hear from creative directors and art buyers all the time that they love to see it… I find my personal still life allows me to explore a deeper part of me, and showing it on my site taps into the other side of me that may also have commercial application.

    You have given me some great things to consider on the topic, and thank you again!

    I look forward to hearing more on this series of topics.

  19. As a local, photography mentor puts it (re: Instagram and social media), "Don't build on borrowed land."

    My background is also in webdesign, so that's been a fantastic skill combination. I built my own websites to publish my photography projects.

    Also, very true that point about, "being too close to your own work." Another way around that, apart from objective, outside opinions, is to curate your work after several months go by of not looking at it. Looking at it with 'fresh eyes', as they say.

  20. We should start a Change.org petition that states Ted Forbes is not allowed to sleep or be lose time in traffic jams or grocery store lines. Instead, he should be producing the world class content he does on a 24/7 basis! No sleep = more great content for the rest of us! Seriously, keep up the good work. You always bring great insights and thoughtful commentary. Even if folks do not agree with all of your points, at least you have their respect because of the way you present your points and perspective.

  21. I haven't been watching this channel very long, about a year I'd say. But just about everything you've produced has, in some way improved my skill as a photographer. The Q&A and the "this week in photography" series is great. and I can't wait for some new episodes. Just a suggestion here but why not try your hand at critiquing our images, Ted? I'd value your opinion more so than any other YouTube photography Channel and id also love to see the communities work too. keep up the awesome work, man.

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