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My Non-Pokemon Friend’s Top 10 Best / Strongest Pokemon List? – Viral Trends

My Non-Pokemon Friend’s Top 10 Best / Strongest Pokemon List?

Top 10 Strongest 7th Gen Pokemon / Top 10 Strongest New Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nVphFzYpbg Taking the …


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  1. Why would you be hated, you make excellent battle strategies that help people get better at pokemon, and if anything, your better than most poketubers because all some do is make nuzlockes and soul links, your haters are probably salty because there not smart enough to come up with strategies half as good as yours

  2. #2 talonflame is still broken even though gale wings got nerfed it picks of Squishies and glass cannons for breakfast. #1 breeloom is an effing monster if you are running it in any generation but number seven.

  3. I found this video really interesting. and now thinking about it I wonder what my friends would say about their list If I asked then this question. great video as always verlisify. looking forward to more content

  4. 1.Shuckle-Double Team, Protect, Toxic, Withdrawl(You'll never struggle) along with leftovers. Yea, I made a battle last 45 minutes with this against a very competitive team.
    2. Aegislash-The best mind games of all.
    3.Wobbufett-This thing can do some serious mind games.
    4. Tapu Koko- SR for a good nature and some good IVs and it kicks butt.
    5. Rattata- F.E.A.R
    6.Clefable-I love running a minimize clefable.
    7.Gengar(Mega Mostly)-This thing is OP as heck. The special attack is a monster. I won 32 battles again and again with only a Mega Gengar on showdown.
    8. Greninja- Protean+Speed=…yea
    9.Gardevior-I can't point out why but I've wrecked with it. It's really useful with fairy and Psycic type.
    10. Malamar(or Serperior w/ hidden ability)- That contrary is awesome.

  5. This is my list, no legendaries, tapus, nor ultra beasts

    10. Smeargle
    9. Chansey w/ eviolite or Blissey
    8. Snorlax
    7.Mega Blaziken
    6. Mimikyu
    5. Mega Alakazam
    4. Toxapex
    3. MegaMetagross
    2. Garchomp w/ life orb
    1. Mega Salamence

    Honorable mentions: Ferrothorn, Greninja, Both Mega Charizards, WishiWashi Umbreon, Sylveon, Milotic, Gyrados, Mega Scizor, and Volcarona

  6. plz help i didnt know where to adk for help so i came here i logged on to pokemon sun and my shony metagross i got from the event in pokemon omega ruby and alpha sapphire is just not there i dont know where he is if anybody jas further info plz reapond

  7. dragonite, garchomp, volcarona, blissey, snorlax, gyarados, tyranitar, metagross, gengar and aegislash for me the ones i think are the strongest. i was able to use them in my pokemon games… others might be flygon, espeon, lucario, hydreigon and salamence

  8. ok, this is annoying. (not the video I like it) but everyone is talking about the adpocolypse because of content that isn't family friendly, then I get a condom commercial on a pokemon video… can someone explain this to me please?

  9. Favorite Pokemon
    10. Vileplume Cute design and carried me through my omega ruby nuzlocke challenge
    9. Manetric I love it's design and it can kick ass
    8. Tropius I use him with a weakness policy and solar power on sun teams.
    7. Gardevoir Always have one when I get the chance to put it on my team.
    6. Weavile I just love the design
    5. Quagsire I think its really cute :3
    4. Aloan Raichu Adorable and Goes great with Tapu Koko
    3. Blaziken My first starter and first pokemon to reach level 100
    2. Slowking Great with a trick room team and has a great design
    1. Sceptile The design if regular and mega Sceptile is just pure badass. He carried my nuzlocke team along with Vileplume

  10. XD this was an interesting video, i bet my brothers list would consist of legendaries and starters. he liked the concept of alolan golem tho the other day, and ive known him to use gengar and arbok.

    strongest pokemon in my opinoin: before i knew competitive, mostly gen 4 team. (not in order)
    garchomp: cynthia and online
    drogonite: lances 3 drogonites

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