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Kia Rio 2015 review – Car Keys – Viral Trends
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Comments 17

  1. I have driven Kia Rio for almost half a year and I can say it is a killer car, I feel right at home in it and the driving experience is exactly what I would expect from a rock solid city car (not that it is actually very fun to drive though). Equipment and build quality are amazing, but the only issue is that the engine is not efficient at all. It is around 9l/100 km in summer and some 10.5l/100km during the winter, which is quite bad for a car this size I guess (1.4 petrol version). Nevertheless, it is much better pick than Ford Fiesta which is outdated and only has 3 years of warranty which makes it very suspicious to me.

  2. im picking my Kia Rio this wednesday and im looking forward to it, i did drove the one it had in the kia shop and i thogh was brilliant, i found it very confertable, and the rear view is small but as its the same size as my fiat seicento should not be a problem, im impress how good it is, and the 7 year warranty cant go wrong, im looking forward to drive the car

  3. I ordered it a month ago and I am waiting for it to arrive!! Between the other superminis and considering the VFM and equipment it was by far the greatest option!

  4. got a rio air 3 1.4 3 door , the gearbox is smooth , the clutch easy to use , price new nearly £14000 £2000 cheaper than a fiesta , fuel comp around 40 mpg mixture of urban 70% and motorway 30% , very comfortable ride bit soft in the corners , road noise on certain road surfaces ( concrete m25) not good , looses a bit of grunt on long hills and lacks some start up power , not enough to worry about . not bought as a sports car . Good solid family car would recommend 4 stars out of five.

  5. SR7 5dr. 01 Sept '15.
    Couldn't agree more with the review. It's certainly a great runabout and surprisingly spacious for a supermini. In fact I'd say that it's not far short of the 2001 Ford Focus it replaced. It IS a bit underpowered and can get noisy at high revs but otherwise it drives and handles well albeit far from the Focus's abilities in that particular territory.
    Add in a high spec for the money and it's already become a family member and a daily driver. Tested on motorways it'll keep up with flow but high speed overtaking manoeuvers need to be planned or you'll be dropping a cog in a short shrift.
    I'll be keeping it as the wife loves it (she said that about her focus and look how long we had that!) even to the point where I'm looking at the Optima for myself. That's a turnup for a Ford family

  6. i have had one for about 6 months now. i find that it being under powered is its main downfall. while fuel econemy is good for long travel you lose it in the city. i honestly think that with some better suspension, slightly lower profile tires and a turbo (not running too much boost. just enough to get you up a hill) you would have one of the best driving cars around. its is comfortable to drive. although it is a small car i cant help but feel that it drives like a bigger family car i.e a ford territory

  7. Good reliable little thing. In my opinion it also looks better than most revivals. 7 years warranty included, I could get tempted, but in the end I would prefer the Fiestas better handling.

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