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Comments 49

  1. You guys are too polite, LOL. On a source of free photos…I would have said "NO" and launched into a diatribe on how photography is a form of work. Would they look to have their lawn mowed for free? Or their dentistry? Grrr.

  2. I would have liked to get the TShirt. But, to be honest, if the shipping is almost as much as the shirt itself (or w/ express even up to $89) it puts me off. (international)

    I know that this is not really your fault… Just saying that I cant rationalize a shirt for almost $40 (and waiting up to 30 days).

  3. Seriously…. If you're going to swig out of a bottle of whiskey, and act all tough by saying "that is all", at least take the fuckin' cork out of it….

  4. I'm confused, the video wasn't up on Friday morning when I awoke (as it usually is) and now it seems that Ron has been edited out? What gives?, I'm only 23 minutes in so maybe it will become apparent?!

  5. I don't get the sensitivity to how adjustments of the black and white sliders is articulated. It's a basic piece of photographic post processing we're discussing. If it makes people feel better, maybe "increment, intensify or adjust up or down" can can be used. Not a big deal, no deal at all really.

  6. Just a suggestion, in the past you've had a hard time getting through the pictures submitted. How about figuring out a good average number of pictures you can get through comfortably and limit the submissions to that number. I'm sure there is a way to cut it off after so many are sent in. That way no one's feelings get hurt because you didn't get to theirs. Just a thought.

  7. Now I gotta watch the whole thing again to see what ya folks took out. I have a feeling its probably the mini wheats story. hahaha. Either way great episode, was so much fun to watch.

    I'm currently 10 miles into the woods and its raining cuz Tony said things look better with water drops or after it rains. Well its still raining :/ Doh' mistake were made. *huddles under tree

  8. Zoo photography would be a nice theme for next week. Great show, did upload my shot but yet again never made it in to your show, it was a muffin so not really sure why it was removed. Used my iPad to upload via safari so not to sure if that works

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