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Ssangyong Rexton 4K 2016 review – Car Keys – Viral Trends

Ssangyong Rexton 4K 2016 review – Car Keys

Save money on a new Ssangyong Rexton: …


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  1. I am on my third Rexton. All have been 100% reliable and have held their value well. Last one did 100,00 trouble free miles with much of it off road and towing. Excellent value for money.

  2. I have owned two Rextons now and previous to that a Discovery TD5 and a Hyundai Terracan. I tow a big twin axle caravan and to be honest the Rexton does this best. The new 2.2 diesel and 7 spec merc sourced auto box mate together very well. The towing capacity of the Rexton is much better than a Santa Fe or a Sorento and only the Rexton has a proper low range box.Yes the Sat Nav/DAB system is a bit fiddly to set up but once done it's fine. MPG is good but there are better but for VFM don't think you can go far wrong.

  3. For the price you pay for this in UK, it's good. Here…. still is one of the cheaper offerings, but it still feels cheap. Things rattle inside it.
    Also, the engine is grossly underpowered, and fitted to a automatic transmission that seems to be made for something else entirely. Worst of it all: it only seems to be available diesel.
    OTOH: nice place to be, rolls along cozily enough. It is quite large for the money. And is a real 4X4.

  4. I got no interest to defend ssangyong at all cost… But to be fair, you forgot to underline the fact, that this vehicle is a real ladder frame offroader and not a Suv. Comparisons with any Santa Fe or Sorento is a little bit too hefty. You should put it against somehow similar rivals, such as the Jeep Cherokee, for instance. Would it become second? Quite sure…but that's another question. I gues that in real world offroading the Rexton would leave behind 90% of all sport utility vehicles on the market.

  5. I own a Rexton and the answer Ssangyong / Kia comparison is simple. The Rexton is body on frame whereas the Kia is monocoque. This means the Rexton is better at towing than the Kia and more durable in offroad conditions. It really compares to the Toyota Fortuner, Izuzu MU-X mob rather than the Sorrento / Santa Fe / Patfhfinders.

  6. The Jack under the seat: it's the most logical place, if you start thinking about it. When you have to change a tire, you HAVE TO take the passengers down, as a safety precaution, but you shouldn't need to unload all your gear just to reach for the jack. I hate when my car's trunk is already loaded an I need to open that lid in the back to grab a flashlight, a tire inflator, a tool of some kind or a rubber strap to tie down an item on the top rack. So it make sense to have the jack in a very easy to reach place, as the passengers are already out of the car in case of an unfortunate event.

  7. Most important: This is a PROPER 4×4, with body on frame, Low Gear and Towing capacity. Santa Fe and Sorento have none of those. This Rexton, in terms of UTILITY, competes directly with … 4Runner, Montero/Pajero Sport (label depends on market), Land Cruiser Prado, and the OLD Pathfinder (body on frame). But at a lower price point, so it makes more sense. It's difficult to find a car with more space than this. The suspension is to soft on roads and doesn't inspire confidence on high speeds. The design of the storage spaces is bad, mostly unusable. Needs hooks in the trunk. I don't know the new 2.2L TDI but the old one was sluggish in acceleration, although awesome in torque offroad. The car can go anywhere on ground. Not so much in water, as the air intake is too low. It needs a snorkel for river crossings more than 55cm deep. I still can't find a better car with it's features for this price point. And I am actively looking! Some may be more refined and ergonomic, better branded, more fuel or emissions economic, BUT NOT AT THIS PRICE! If Price is not an issue, go up to Range Rover, Patrol, GL500, etc. But I guarantee you won't do with them something you can't do with Rexton. Mayble less, because I don't think you'll want to carry 200 bricks, 10 bags of cement or a muddy engineering gear in those.

  8. Quite like the jack under the seat – means you don't have to empty the boot to get to it. That said, if you're on a busy road and you've got to get the kids out of the seat to access the jack, that's not ideal either. Not pretty, dated looking car really and it's not bargain basement either.

  9. This model is dreadfully old. And dreadfully old koreans are no match for koreans of today. When it fisrt appeared in Russia (where I happen to live) lots of people bought it just because it was a big bad SUV for not a lot of money. But man do Ssang Youngs become a pain in the ass after a few years of exploitation… Most of the spare parts are either original and fairly low quality for the price, or just low quality in general. There are some exceptions of course, but Ssang Youngs are just pretty low quality cars overall.

  10. It does look like a Mercedes ML to certain degree especially when you said is got a Mercedes gearbox in it but as for value for money after watching your video I don't think so cheers Phil

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