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‘Farrah Brings Her Mom to Tears’ Official Sneak Peek | Teen Mom (Season 5) | MTV – Viral Trends

‘Farrah Brings Her Mom to Tears’ Official Sneak Peek | Teen Mom (Season 5) | MTV

Sophia calls her mom out for having a bad attitude during an argument with Debra. Don’t miss BACK-TO-BACK episodes of #TeenMomOG beginning January …


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Comments 46

  1. This bitch is acting like she's doing her mother a huge favour by allowing her to take on full responsibility of her 8 yr old daughter for a month, which is no easy task and keep in mind she doesn't pay her mother a dime for this, now if she was such a bad mother to Farrah why the hell is she leaving yet again her daughter in her mother's care ? she's more interested in how many washes her mother does while she's away doing her thing partying her ass off every night desperately trying to tie some innocent guy down after a brief meeting… unbelievable attention seeking BITCH.

  2. Sophia is creepy. I know she's a kid, but watch the movie "Bad Seed".
    If my kid was hitting me, well, it never happened with either so.
    I guess Deb wants so badly to be in TV that abuse from Farrah is worth it? Wtf? And Farrah is a fucking bitch.

  3. It is actually very Sad. It has been found that in her childhood she suffered a lot of trauma (she was abused by her mother's friend) where she never talked about on the television. And at her 16th, her boyfriend died where she became pregnant. If you look at old episodes, you'll see mother asks her daughter to pay the rent at her 16th age when she comes to live with her baby. Her mother is really evil and destroyed completely her life. So that everyone calls her "bitch or whatever what… I find this small minded. Therefore, we should never judge. ?

  4. I pulled up the Farrah Abraham videos, not to watch but to leave a comment. Farrah Abraham really and truly needs mental health support. She has so much anger inside her that it takes over her entire body. I sometimes don't watch the show because she and Janelle are the two most miserable human beings I have ever seen except for Donald Trump. One of Farrah's biggest problem is that he thinks she's better or superior to other people. She doesn't respect herself or her mother. Trust me, her daughter will treat her the same way she treats her mom. One last word and this has a lot to do with Farrah's behavior. For some strange and unexplained reason, Farrah thinks she is good looking and she wants everybody else to know it. Farrah sweetheart, your face is messed up from the plastic surgery that you've had done to it. You seriously should get a major refund. Please for heaven's sake, go somewhere and hide because I'm sick of looking at you and your destroyed troubled soul. You seriously need some help and soon. Your warped behavior is coming out through the child and when she reaches the teen years or shortly before, you will see exactly what I mean. Take my advice, stop the superior crap and get some help. One last observation, what did your mom ever do, or didn't do to you that makes you talk and treat her so badly???

  5. You little bitch, how dare you come at your mother like that and on t.v. MY mother would've slapped the shit out of you! That's why your daughter was hitting you like that, she has no respect for you and you have no respect for your mother, and the cycle continues….. Acting like a diva, girl go sit your hot ass down.. WON'T BE WATCHING!!!!!!!

  6. I hope Sophia turns out to be a cunt just like you so you know how your mom feels. She's already getting the attitude, look how she gave her grandmother that snotty headnod.

  7. Half the time when Farrah talks she doesn't even make sense…. sometimes she opens her mouth and the things that come out don't even make sense she tries to use words to sound smart and she doesn't even use them in the right context she is so mean to her mom I'm really curious as to how Sophia is going to act towards her when she is older and then maybe Farrah will finally see how it feels she really is so mean she is just a mean person a malicious person….. that producer Heather I don't even know how she stands to work there well to work with her and be in her house I would seriously lose my mind she is again just so freaking mean……" I don't care about love" lol like whhhaat????

  8. White people always tryna talk about Black women being single mothers, but look how them ass cunts talk to their parents. At least us black people respect ours. Smh this is sad?? I could never talk to a person that birthed me like this.

  9. 1. My mom would never ever let me disrespect her or talk to her that way for whatever reason!
    2. I would never ever sit there and allow my daughter to hit me while I'm having a conversation!

    Obviously Farrah never got good discipline growing up and her daughter is going down the same road
    Smh that's just sad ! Js

  10. Farrah actually makes me feel nauseous. I would have NO problem punching that dumb bitch in the face. She deserves it. I'm surprised somebody hasn't kicked her ass already. Disrespectful twat.

  11. No one makes you do anything! You have control over you! Don't make excuses for why you are a total bitch to her and everyone around you! I would never talk or treat people like that especially my mom! You are such an asshole Farrah!

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