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  1. Im studying at my school presentation which involves Nutrition we going to do a jingle so ya we pick this song for our presentation and I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH! thankyou for making the lyrics of it this will be a little help in our presentation.

  2. Songs never make me cry but for some reason this one did. My mother had passed away when I was 3. On July 6th, 2007. I was going to turn 4 in September. She had died from lung cancer. One of her lungs had it before I was born. But they had removed it. The second one got it and there was nothing they could do. It wasn't from smoking. I don't know what it was from but all I know is that my father had become a drunken person after that… life is hard but this song tells me I can get through this… I'm so happy to say that this song has meaning to me as many don't. Even though I cried listening to this. It was a relief. It let the anger out. Soon I'll be 14 and have to realize. Life has to go on even without those you love…

  3. I just didn't look the lyrics for whole time and I just looked through his eyes and I said "Eyes are never closing,hearts are never broken,times forever frozen still." then a tear dropped on my face.

  4. Makes me emotional every time I listen to it…..takes me back the memory lane bringing up all the relationships n loving people in my life come alive at once# love# Mom # yogi # friends # family # my guru# universe# shareen # lots of love !!!

  5. I think of my mom and dad… I saw a shot of my mom on her funeral memorial that I had and this was playing… All I could do was cry… The pic on my icon was taken NOT EVEN 2 days after I lost my Mom on Jan 18  2013 at 11 PM… I lost my father in July 09… It does not get easer…. When Christmas, Birthdays and so on come around.. I am such a mess…

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