Wedding Photography Tips: Mel DiGiacomo on Photojournalistic Approach

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Mel DiGiacomo, a versatile photographer whose background ranges from sports to documentary photography, sits with B&H to discuss his journalistic approach to shooting weddings.

“What I want out of a wedding is real life. I want some kind of truth: whether it’s my truth or their truth.” – Mel DiGiacomo

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  1. I finally found my style during a wedding shoot. And yes this is it. I don't like capturing the posey posey kinda thing. Candid moments are more natural with a photo journalistic approach. Love this video. Thanks Youtube.

  2. I love this guys take on photography , a connection with the subject whether in terms of physical closeness (using wide angle) or an implicit knowledge of how your subjects want to be perceived through their photographs, can definitely give more personality to your shots. Although i am worried to see the falloff of light on the bottom half of some pictures, it seems high speed sync isn't being utilized properly. 

  3. Your description of black and white is brilliant. Very well said. I'd love to have a scotch (or two) with you and talk photography…if you're ever in Seattle….:-) thank you.

  4. Markedly shorter than many B+H videos, but so inspiring and uplifting. Really love his photojournalistic approach to wedding photography. An amazing presenter, too, almost conversational. Great stuff.

  5. WOW, for me the greatest part of this is the ending when you said "we all make mistakes so learn from them and keep making them….". As a new photographer with no formal training and, learning only by reading, watching videos and, then experimenting it can seem overwelming and some times discouraging but, you have given me a boost to keep on. Thanks!

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