VIRTUAL Studio Photography (Learning, Planning): Set.a.Light 3D, Virtual Lighting Studio

I show you how to use 2 virtual studio apps to learn studio photography or to plan a portrait, fashion, or glamour photo shoot:
* Virtual Lighting Studio (free, no install):
* Set.a.Light 3D (free trial, $40, Windows/Mac): NOTE: this app is NSFW, some of the models are nude.

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Comments 34

  1. Hey Toni, I want to thank you so much – I watch a lot of photo techniques videos but can't remember the last time something was such new and helpful as this video :-D! Wow, I didn't know something like this exists – I bought the Set-a-light3D full version right after watching your video – and am so happy with that!! Now I can learn and try a lot myself before going to setup the real modeling! It was pretty frustrating for me to try the very basic stuff. So big big thank you man and kind greetings from Switzerland!

  2. This kinda makes me wonder why there isn't a 'Photography Studio Simulator' on available Steam. We have 'Woodcutter Simulator 2013' afterall.

  3. This was really helpful as I want to learn more about studio lighting but with less of the trial and error. Set.A.Light has a Black Friday special going on today, so I bought it!

  4. OK, stupid question maybe: can Virtual Lighting Studio be used to preview indoor natural light set ups?
    Like using a large window with a diffuser curtain or on an overcast day?

  5. I had heard of this software before and considered purchasing it. Tony's comprehensive video convinced me to proceed with the basic version. After an hour or so playing I set up a room using boxes to reproduce the dimensions and layout of my studio and saved that as starting point for future setups. I find it great for quickly experimenting with different setups, complex lighting arrangements gels and less used layouts. I use it so much I may upgrade to the pro version.

  6. Can you do a episode on product / toy photography … Even stop motion would be really cool!
    Don't replay .. Its just me and my idea for an episode.
    Haven't trouble with the lighting hot spots, on plastic…
    I don't like using your typical white box or studio setup, for my products.
    Finally got my a6000 and still can't make s+it with my bmpc 4k camera cause no actors, ugh!
    Guess I better get back into your book lol I got this other Photoshop book and it has all these different projects .. Show's step by step, what they did
    and even shows post productions.

    You know.. It's not easy!
    Specially once you have all the equipment then you start to ask yourself …
    What am I trying to say or tell with this image or frame ..
    Becomes way more challenging !!! Verse just taking a quick snap shot with phone or etc ..You know!
    Blessing's Tony!

  7. I think this is the same sw that Joe Edelman uses to explain his setups. Great Youtuber, and this does come in handy in his videos.
    This is a helpful vid to know how valuable this maybe to presetup.

  8. This is so cool. Thanks a bunch! In the past I've been experimenting with what little gear I had (a couple of flashguns, diffusers, an umbrella and a couple of reflectors), and I started to believe that I wouldn't be able to try out a lot of new and different looks without breaking the bank on rental gear and model's fees (my Winnie-the Pooh plushie has been my test subject for a lot of shots, lol).

  9. I really enjoy these videos that Tony produces. I am a casual photography – I mainly photograph and record my family as they grow. This video has inspired me to plan and try out some studio-type shots. I have only a small room to work in and a couple of speed lights but I am inspired enough to give this a go. Thank you Tony, I will try some of this software, there is no way my family would sit still long enough for me to get the lighting as good as I could using this software.

  10. I tried it and replicated a shot that I did once outdoors in front of a graffiti wall with a three-speedlight set-up with colour gels. Quite accurate!

  11. I loved your "West World" reference, you're showing your age here Tony – LOL I've been using Set.a.Light 3D for about a month now and It's fantastic! I highly recommend it. I love how you can adjust the studio to match your studio, including the ceiling height. Lot's of modifiers and lighting options.

  12. though I've never used it for such purposes my default scene in blender has a white curved backdrop and studio style lighting set up – actually there are a bunch of studio lighting and model setups on blendswap I think, free but I think with the 'CC by' license.

  13. I purchased this software about 2 weeks ago. Highly recommend. Great tool for learning and experimenting. Nice to sit down with your laptop at the kitchen table or a bookstore and practice studio lighting. Well worth the money!!!

  14. This was really great, thanks! I bought a copy of SAL3D a while back but found using it a challenge (as I am new to much of this). But your short video here helped a bunch. If you would consider creating a "how to" video I would gladly purchase a copy; your expertise on top of teaching how to use this tool would be invaluable; especially to us "newbies" trying to get our heads around all of this.

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