Top 10 Celebrities That are Supposedly in the Illuminati

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  1. Damn and I really wanted my music career to take off without me being an illuminati worshipping puppet. Winning grammys, vmas, amas, & and all that other shit, but I guess I'll just become an independent artist and see what happens.

  2. I think if the Illuminati was real the older bands would be the real controllers and new musicians are just like lesser people meant to ensure EVERY genre would have an Illuminati representative

  3. There are no celebrities in the illuminate. There is only 1 family in the world that is the Illuminati because they own everything. They own the governments, they own the banks, they can kill people and get away with it because they own all the police. It's the Rothchild banking family. They are the wealthiest family in the world. The collective family networth is $10 Trilli0n dollars.

    2nd wealthiest family in the world is the family who founded Saudi Arabia. They have thousands of members in their family generation to generation and they're networth is $1.2 Trillion.

  4. let me clear this up for you:
    what celebrities are constantly making references to in their videos, etc., are government surveillance harassment groups.
    basically select individuals are being watched, harassed, and experimented on, and the technology being used is far advanced beyond anything you'll see on tv
    you join by being sent links and you can watch targets in their homes, cars, stores, at work, anywhere. This is such a fearsome power, that frightens the population, including celebrities. There is a kind of fear respect and worship of the groups who control the tech. You see this in the popularity of all-seeing eye imagery and tattoos. Basically, a new religion is being born.
    So, ppl, celebrities or not, who are joining this secret revolution consider themselves ''illuminati'', though it is actually not. It's more like a 1984-style surveillance state that is being built by crowd-sourced participation.
    Also, guys like pewdiepie are constantly parodying targets they watch. They get a lot of their material by watching targets lives.

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