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  1. I missed the live show, so i had to go back in time to watch it. but the problem with Google Photos is that you need a netlimiter. i had the same problem, but fixed it with netlimiter 4. i'm sure you got this tip a few dozen times, but what the hay.

  2. Thanks a lot Tony for your kind words! I did the comp of the Digi-Geist that was coming out of the PC (19:45). I was really excited about this image because I am still very much in the intermediate level of photography, but I have been learning so much so quickly from you guys and others, that my artistic vision and technical skills have drastically increased and this pic has marked a new step for me in composite images. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I have learned a lot from you guys and have finally started to feel confident in submitting my photos for review. Can't wait to start submitting more!!!

  3. Even more evidence…. Chelsea confirms her favorite holiday is Halloween. If you guys only knew the ritual she went to after this show. I thought they were joking with me and Tony kept telling me they were serious. I saw a large triangle, which I thought was a prop for a video about the exposure triangle, Chelsea was in the middle of it doing some strange incantation. Tony said that the reason they dressed up as Doc and Marty was because they wanted to signify to their brother hood that they knew the secret behind twin pikes mall, and lone pike mall. Tony repeatedly showed me footage of how the clock says 9:11 beside the twin peaks sign whenever doc is being attacked by terrorist, he then showed me how the twin peaks turns into the lone peak. He then took me to back to the future 2 in which in Marty's house they are watching a movie where it shows the twin peaks turn into the world trade center, they happen to be watching the movie in October 2015. So, then he brought out a copy of the movie, "The wire," which was directed by the same director. I noticed that the character was dressed just like Marty and the movie is about walking on a wire across the towers. This was the conclusion when Marty said to doc, "Find out in 30 years." He then went on to explain to me this high holy day. We went somewhere, in some grove, I noticed Tony had moved his Owl statue out of his house extension into the forest. He had two Sony A7Sii's out there to see in the low light, so I know evidence of this exchange is on video. They wanted me to do some weird ritual before I could go any further… I expect this was for black mail in case I tried to expose the brother hood. I'm not even 30 years old yet but Tony had a lot of plans for when I turned 33 years old. He then asked if I had seen the movie, "The 33," which is now in theaters. I said no, I asked him what it was about, he said, "33 miners were down inside the earth and were pulled out by a capsule called the Phoenix, the whole world watched." Needless to say I ran like I did on all other occasions… Spilt my sunkist all over my burkenstocks on the way out, saw a flying saucer chase my car all the way home. When I got home I saw a UN flag draped across my front door. I counted the number of squares in the flag….. 33. It had a note behind it. "It's flat." "We cropped it out"- Tony NorthCrop

  4. I don't know if you addressed this earlier but why are you guys using Lightroom here instead of CaptureOne? I like Lightroom more so far as the look goes(and the integration with Photoshop is priceless) and I remember you talking about CaptureOne being slower or something in your studio setup tour but on a more personal preference side why do you still prefer Lightroom?

    I mean, in the latest weeks/months I kinda felt like most photographers started praising CaptureOne like if Lightroom suddenly became terrible(I know some of that is product placement but still) without ever mentioning it's downsides…so, as for now, which is best?

    One more thing, for someone that works with Lightroom is there any difference in importing your shots to the catalogue from Lightroom or simply connect your camera/card to the computer, manually copying the DCIM folders and then working on that files besides the batch renaming that Lightroom provides?

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