Regular Car Reviews: 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24

I want my 90’s back. This car takes me there, if only for a moment.


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  1. This car is/has:
    a. your local rock station on preset
    b. Taco Bell dinners
    c.JEG'S stuff; most of it doesn't (perceptibly) work
    d. a mausoleum for an abandoned aux/FM tuner
    e. (in the trunk) a box full of power steering/trans/engine leak-stop fluids

  2. The Cavalier isn't the most refine car. That is a fact. But contrary to people's beliefs it is actually kinda perfect. It's very reliable, as long as you change the oil and tires beside that it's bulletproof. If something breaks, you can easily walk into your nearest autozone and grab all the parts you need for cheap, since this is America and they are made here parts are abundant. The car is so stupidly easy to work on, it isn't overly engineered like a Japanese car or coded up and requiring special tools like a European ride, it is something you can do in the afternoon and be done with quickly with basic mechanical know-how. It's actually very spirited as well, the car loves to dip into turns and the 2.2 has good torque to propel you out of the bends. The most important thing about the Cavalier, which many people overlook is that it is a Humble car. It isn't trying to call attention, it isn't trying to be the best at anything. Because that's not what a car is for. A car is just a tool that you use to get you from point A to point B, and the Cavalier does that extremely well. I've own may cars, my first was a Mazda6, Infiniti G35 Coupe, Subaru Legacy Turbo, Miata Mx-5, Chevy S-10, and a C5 Corvette. All those cars were great. But the Cavalier in the end of the day was the most simple, straightforward, no BS ride I ever driven.

  3. Have a 2000 regular Cavalier. Can't praise that car enough. It's bland, it's kinda slow, no aftermarket, but none of that matters cuz it's dead-ass reliable and does anything a 20s something could ask of a car on a fistful of gas, including all the mistakes a novice driver makes. Just takes it lumps and keeps going. You could literally drive it into the ground.

    After 17 years of Massachusetts winters and salt (and me hitting a curb) it's finally got a crack in the frame. Gonna have to put it to pasture but if I didn't hit that curb I have no doubt I'd get at the very least another 5 years or 100k out of it. Everything besides some front struts and a muffler has been on the car since it was came off the lot not including air filters and the like.

  4. The Cavalier had an easter egg in it. The heat exchanger for the AC was right up against the glove box, so if you drove any distance with the AC on the globe box would work as a mini fridge.

  5. i just came to Canada for study,and i bought a chevy cavalier. um……regularly choice for student as the vedio said. so,anybody has any advice?

  6. I remember the guys who would put on brightly colored plug wires and an autozone muffler and act like these were just as good as Civics and Eclipses.

  7. I grew up in a 3rd gen Cavalier 2 door blue, it was a hand-me-down from my grandparents to my parents, we had that until '08 when we got a new Cobalt. I still remember the hell that was stuffing all four of us and our luggage in that little thing but it was a good car.

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