Photographing the World: Landscape Photography & Post Production with Elia Locardi

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Fstoppers has teamed up with Landscape photographer Elia Locardi to produce over 12 hours of photography instruction both on location and in the studio. Travel throughout Iceland and New Zealand as Elia teaches everything he knows about making beautiful landscape photographs.


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  1. it's a request to you guyz … please make elia's tutorials of landscape photography and cityscape photography free …. because people like me .. who are not involved yet in jobs and are not financially independent… we don't have enough money to buy the tutorials but we want too learn soo much from "elia locardi ". after watching the free segment of photographing the world i am really eager to learn from elia … but because i don't have enough money to buy the two tutorials i can't learn from him enough . so it's a humble request to you please if you make the two tutorials free then it will help people like us alot … and thank you for making such a wonderful tutorials…

  2. get your D40 with kit lens, buy a generic ND and CPL… go to iceland. when you come home, your takes will probably be 80% landscape artistic images already.

  3. HAHAHAHA OMG 300 Dollars. You Guys kidding me. I am not even can beleave this hilarius price Tag. You are Crazy!!! How did you calculate this 12h are like 10 AAA title Cinema films like Lord of the Rings each cost about 30 Dollar multiplied by 10.
    I just laughing at the moment. You are just stupid, i am sry. EVERY BODY who buy that ist just stupid too

  4. I want to become a photographer (I mostly want to take landscape pictures) I don't have much money so I can't buy all the expensive equipment so I'm just going to ask one simple question: what should my first camera be? (something not to expensive)

  5. i think they didnt make the guide to teach you something. i think they made it more for selling it to you. In my opinion knowlegde and sharing experience should be completly free for everyone. Of course the course wouldnt be possible without someone actually paying for it.. i know.

  6. Does anyone know if I buy/download both this and the other cityscape tutorial (so all together around 28 hours of HD video) would an 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD laptop be able to hold all of that? I mean isn't there a crazy amount of storage taken up for this?

  7. So this is in the fstoppers playlist titled 'full length tutorials' so I started to watch this expecting to see exactly that. This isn't a tutorial it's a feature length advert for the tutorial you think that you are going to see…..lets see what the rest of this playlist turns out to be

  8. how would you compare this to the cityscape tutorial? I'm new to photography and post processing and want to make sure I pick the right tutorial to fit my needs. is there one you would recommend watching first?

  9. Really great stuff guys, I'd love to understand just how Locardi knows when a great composition is in front of him. Throughout great content, good filming, and really passionate artists.

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