How to cook and clean a Dungeness crab

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  1. I work at a pet store and keep saltwater fish for a living and one of my regulars breeds crabs and gave me one today and I'm completely petrified to crack it open and clean it after cooking it (it seems so wrong and gross to me lol) but eating crab sounds like it'd be delicious, any tips on cleaning it without having to actually touch it with your hands? I'm a big baby about it and would probably freak out

  2. the reason you wash that butter away is because that is where the toxins accumulate it's OK to eat every once in a while but I wouldn't eat it all the time it's like the liver in chicken

  3. I love your video presentation. I love to cook & bought a dungeness crab & cooked it myself once out of curiosity. You are right, the crab looked huge & scary but it was delicious & full of meat. Thank you! ??

  4. i eat everything inside that crab, it's yummy! we cooked it with coconut milk,long beans and pumpkin with chilli!…???oopps! my saliva is running down from my mouth,i gotta go and cook for my lunch??thanks for this video…and you kind a cute chef btw???

  5. While you provided some good info on cooking the crab, the way you grab the crab your fingers could get pinched. I band dungeoness crab, about 5000lbs a day, I have tried the way you grab crab and got pinched many times. If you grab the crab with your thumb on the apron instead you can not only see where the crab pinchers are but also when it will attempt to pinch you. I must say however grabbing the crab when it is in a chilled state the chances are almost 0% of being pinched.

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