Getting Started in Photography

This video is about how I started photography and how you can do the same. Learn about getting inspired, finding new tutorials, and the best equipment. BUY PRINTS OF MY BEST PHOTOS:

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Canon 70d:
GoPro HERO4 Silver:
Opteka Fisheye:
Canon 24-105 Lens:
Canon 50mm f1.8:
Slik Mini Tripod:
B+W Neutral Density Filter:
32gb memory card:
3DR Drone:
Rode VideoMic Pro:
Tamron 10-24mm Wide Angle:
Video Lights:



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  1. Kind of like how you started taking skateboard photos, i started taking photos in video games. Games such as Forza and Grand Theft Auto had options within the game to take photos and then i would post them on my Instagram. These photos were mostly of cars due to my love for them and the variety of cars in theses games, which then led me to take photos in real life of cars. This was anything from late night car meets in parking garages or big motorsport events like drifting. While still doing within gaming photography i started to branch out within the games and take photos of not just cars, but things like scenic country landscapes, urban streets and little details in these games. This then led to me photographing these things in real life as well. Basically whenever i tried something in the video game, i wanted to try it in real life as well! You're a great inspiration Josh!

  2. Great vid 🙂 I've always loved photography but never got into it.. i just like shooting photos for memories to look back on and remember, never of myself but other people. 🙂 I have a Nikon D3200 which is my first DSLR. Also have a keymission 360 which i would love to do something with :)!

  3. Josh I need help. I have a Panasonic FZ40 with a 25mm Leica lens that can't be removed from it. I want to buy a nice lens for it so I can start getting into photography more. Any suggestions on where to buy a lens? (I would like to keep the price at $100 or less)

  4. Hey josh. It's funny my story and yours is very similar. I was skating at les and fell I knocked out my tooth and I couldn't skate for a while so I decided to start photography with my camera I just bought for a ridiculous amount of money.

  5. Hey Josh I'm planning on buying a cannon T5i in a few days. I am a 15 year old with no job so this is s huge investment. I am planning on using it for YouTube and just plain old photography. Would the T5i be a good camera for a first DSLR?

  6. Yo, you should really check out Bobby De Keyzer's Instagram feed. One of my favourites and I really think you would like his photos too. > @bobbydekeyzer

  7. Hi Josh! I'm a 16 yeard old from Catalonia (Nearby Barcelona) In my city, witch is called Banyoles we have one of the biggest lakes in Spain and it's nice to photograph it. I like taking photos but i don't have a camera and I hope I will bought a great one ( 300€) Which one do you recomend? And also I would like if you could check my photograph instagram @brunetphoto where I post some of my best photos.! Cheers!

  8. You sir just gained a new subscriber and Instagram follower 🙂 you seem like a ridiculously cool guy and your photos are incredible! I will definitely be taking your advice (i might try and skip the smashing of the face) and begin shooting more of what I love as school holidays have just begun! Thanks for being cool man 😛 love from Australia xx
    Also if anyone who read this has an Instagram for there photos comment below I'd love to have more people to follow and be inspired by 🙂

  9. Bro this is off topic, but how are your teeth. I've just been smashed in the face as well and two of my front teeth are loose. How did you recover from your gnarly accident. How was your incident treated, and were your teeth loose after treatment?

  10. Have you ever tried to shoot film? I love photography and film makes it even more fun. Find a dark room and develop and print on your own. its basically an art itself. Plus Film cameras can be super cheap and super high quality. I got a 35mm argus c3 for 6 bucks and the photos look just as crispy as photos from my 70D

  11. I'm glad you said to copy other people and to shoot the generic stuff, because I myself have been struggling to find a way to be original with the photos I take. Great video as always.

  12. Funny you post this now. I happened to follow Ed Templeton on ig (Toy Machine rider) and his suburban photography really is inspiring me at the moment. I may have to bridge the gap between skating and taking snaps! Great vid!

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