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  1. Interesting seeing McCurry in action taking random shots in the street… also interesting the handle that he has attached to his DSLR, is the first time I see that, I guess it gives him better handling or balance of the camera…

  2. Some people think he's left handed.I say No ! that's the way he holds the camera for a better steady picturesHe does so to avoid camera shakes.that's how i hold it too and it's amazing believe me 😀

  3. having just watched Steve McCurry at work, I'm astonished at his speed. His discreet presence in the city is almost stealth as he snaps away. Would love to see more of his workflow!

  4. Only in NYC can you shoot that close to people without getting an ass-kicking.  Hey! Nikon why don't you give this living legend a new D800 digital camera?   

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  7. lots of people go on and on about having to have small cameras in the street..i use a DSLR like Steve and most often with a 70-200 lens. I reckon people notice me maybe one percent of the time…

  8. I found out after making the comment he has nerve damage in his right arm from a childhood injury, so he can't press the shutter but can grip things.

  9. so hit the core of me with this.. am re-born, and this gave me what i needed – it was the spark that set ablaze my internal passion — amen – GOds timing is Everythingt !! thank you

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