Cathal Garvey demonstrating Do-it-Yourself DNA extraction in a tent

People have been trained to think that biotech is complicated and expensive. Cathal Garvey shows here that with a bit of ingenuity, a lot of outside-the-box …


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  1. The part about opensource/DIY medicine production for regions in need is fair. But farmaceutical companies won't enjoy it so they'll invest as much as they can to stop this spread. Good luck though! And thanks for the vid.

  2. Sir

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    Because Recombinant  Antihemophilic Factor VIII protein production process line will be similar  to Recombinant Insulin production process line hence after seeing your “DIY Biosynthesis of Insulin and Thyroxine – Disaster Resilience and Personal Biotech”  we thought of seeking your help us by preparing a “DIY Antihemophilia Factor VIII step by step or SOP” 

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